Northern Minnesota Fishing Pictures From The Early Bird Fishing Guide, Jeff Sundin 2006 Fishing Season

 Fishing Pictures from the 2006 Minnesota Fishing Season.

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These are links to the fishing pictures from past years, use the links below for pictures from the archives. Select the fishing season year first, then click on the trip dates to view your fishing pictures. If you've got some good ones to share, e-mail me.


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2006 Fishing photos and other interesting outdoor pictures from Northern Minnesota fishing trips. Use your cursor to hover over the picture and view names and dates. Click on the images to see larger view.

Jeff Sundin, Deer 12-2-06 Annalee Sundin, First Deer 11-15-06 Bruce Champion, Smallmouth Bass 10-20-06 Sturgeon, Sean 10-16-06 Smallmouth Bass, Sean 10-16-06 Joe Curtis, Smallmouth Bass Joe Thompson, Smallmouth Bass Jeff Sundin, Smallmouth Bass Bluegill, Bruce Champion 10-10-06 Crappie, Rudy 10-7-06 Bluegill, Jake 10-7-06 walleye Allen Knox 10-5-06 Walleye, Greg Knox 10-4-06 Bluegill, Allen Knox 10-4-06 Walleye, Allen Knox 10-4-06 Bluegills, Allen Knox and Eldon Skoglund Allen Knox, Bluegill 10-2-06 Walleye, Allen Knox 10-1-06 Perch, Greg Knox 10-1-06 Northern Pike, Kyle Reynolds 9-28-06 Walleye, Jeff Sundin 9-28-06 Bluegills, Kyle & Karen Reynolds 9-28-06 Bluegill, 9-21-06 Laura Bellin Walleye, Sandy Finch 9-19-06 Crappie, Pete Raquet 9-13-06 Walleye, Ed Stage 9-11-06 Smallmouth Bass, Alice Freeman 9-10-06 Smallmouth Bass, Bud Freeman 9-10-06 Smallmouth Bass, Jeff Sundin 9-10-06 John Bello, Walleye 9-5-06 Mike Wirtz, Walleye 9-6-06 Walleye, Mike Wirtz 9-5-06 Walleye, Jeff Sundin 9-4-06 Mike Wirtz, Walleye 9-4-06 Walleye, Annie Mount 8-30-06 Vic Mancinelli, Walleye 8-28-06 walleye Bill Block 8-14-06 Smallmouth Bass, Bonnie Baird 8-12-06 Smallmouth Bass, Alex Estee 8-09-06 Smallmouth Bass Jeff Estee 8-9-06 Walleye, Cam Sundin 7-29-06 Northern Pike, Jared Sundin 7-29-06 Walleye 7-27-06, Bill Hanus Bluegill Betty Hanus 7-23-06 Bluegill Bill Hanus 7-23-06 Walleye Bob Carlson 7-22-06 Smallmouth Bass Jeff Weis 7-21-06 Smallmouth Double Jeff Weis and TJ Erdman 7-21-06 Jeff Weis and Jeff Sundin, Smallmouth Double 7-21-06 Smallmouth Bass, Dennis Kysely 7-21-06 Walleye, Jeff Weis 7-21-06 Smallmouth Bass, Jeff Weis again! 7-21-06 Bluegill Vivian Straw 7-19-06 Heather Graves, 26 inch Walleye 7-14-06 Shane's First Ever Walleye! 7-13-06 Northern Pike, Jeff Sundin 7-12-06 Larry Lashley, Largemouth Bass 7-11-06 Smallmouth Bass, 7-8-06 Elizabeth Reardon Walleye B.D. Etter 7-5-06 Walleye Jeff Sundin 7-6-06 Walleye Action Dale and Dale Etter on July 5th 2006 Dale Etter Walleye 7-5-06 Smallmouth Bass Jeff Sundin 7-5-06 Walleye Jeff Sundin 7-6-06 walleye 7-5-06 Dale Etter Walleye 7-2-06 Mark Walleye 6-27-06 Anna Nosal Walleye Matt (Viking Electric) 6-24-06 Walleye Ben (Viking Electric) 6-24-06 Loons 6-23-06 Minnestoa State Bird Smallmouth Bass Jeff Sundin 6-16-06 Walleye Jason Skoglund 6-16-06 Walleye Joe Stevens, 6-15-06 Northern Pike, Jim Bopp 6-10-06 Walleye, Mike Carlson 6-09-06 Bob Heig, Walleye 6-8-06 Arnie, Walleye 6-8-06 Jerry Volkert Walleye 6-7-06 Cook, Wattier, Volkert, Crappies 6-4-06 Ed, Walleye 6-4-06 Annalee Sundin Walleye 6-1-06 Bill Linder and Roger Will Walleyes 5-19-06 Jeff Sundin 5-13-06 Katie Sundin 5-13-06 Jeff & Virginia Sundin 5-13-06 Jane Sundin, 5-13-06 link to Lake Trout Wheeler link to Lake Trout Mattson Link to Lake Trout Picture Hey dad, what's wrong with this walleye? Let's eat. Ice adds to the family fun when Walleye fishing in Northern Minnesota Ryan Green with a nice Bowstring Lake Eater 12-27-05
Real fishing pictures from actual guided fishing trips listed by customer name and fishing trip dates. To view your own photos, click on the date of your trip or Just send an e-mail to request the photo file. Please ask for permission before re-printing. Copyright©2001-2007 Jeff-Sundin

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