Archive of Northern Minnesota Fishing Highlights Photographs from the 2002 Fishing Season.

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Jeff Sundin Minnesota Fishing Reports and Articles Section

Customer fishing pictures. Highlights from the 2002 Minnesota Fishing season.


 Marylou Gunderson, Bluegill 10/3/02 Erik Goettl, Bluegill 10/5/02 Phil Goettl, Bluegill 10/5/02 Wayne Schumacher, Bluegill 10/7/02 Pete Raquet, Bluegill 10/9/02 Larry Lashley, Musky 5/28/02 A great day of fishing with good friends
 Dick grins like a kid over Bluegills like this Greg Knox poses while John Donahue reels in another Cutfoot Sioux Bluegill Red Lake Crappies like these were one of the highlights of the 2002 fishing season  Everybody's pal, Keith P with a great Crappie  Sharon Stuckey accepts the Big Walleye award after a nice day on the lake David Chrz, Walleye 9/26/02
 Bob Carlson, Crappie 9/25/02 Jeff Sundin, Musky 9/1/02 Rich Lewerke, Walleye 6/13/02 Jason Barron, Northern Pike 6/26/02 Gary Hicks, Northern Pike 9/21/02 Bill Linder, Northern Pike 9/18/02 Mitch proves that staying out in the rain is okay when you find Smallmouth Bass like this 2002 was a great Walleye season for Dean Kerl who poses with a Sand Lake beauty
Here's a Cutfoot Sioux fall special Northern Pike caught by Dustin on a group trip to Bowen Lodge Lionel DeGrand, Walleye 10/1/02 Jeff Sundin, Walleye 6/16/02 Jeff Sundin, Walleye 5/28/02 Jesse Priem, Walleye 6/25/02 Dave Kobes, Walleye 6/05/02 Terry Blixt, Walleye July 2002
 Larry Lashley, Walleye 6/25/02 Jesse Priem, Walleye 6/23/02 Mike Carlson, Walleye 7/7/02 Sharon Stuckey, Walleye 7/27/02 Annalee Sundin, Rainy Lake Walleye, 7/3/02 Dave Pennock, Winnie Walleye 7/1/02 Chase Finch, Walleye 6/27/02 The Early Bird, Walleye 9/28/02
Sandy Finch, Walleye 9/11/02 Sam Fonner, Walleye Winnibigosh, 8/28/02 Julie always catches fish like this great Cass Lake Walleye Bill Linder, Walleye 9/18/02 George Donnenhoffer, Walker Bay Walleye 8/25/01 John Finzel, Walleye 9/3/02 Joe Molitoris proves Leech Lake can still give up some nice Walleyes 9/29/02 Roger Will, Walleye 9/18/02
Jeff Sundin, Walleye 9/23/02  Mark Watkins, Walleye 9/30/02

If you remember a picture that you can find here, let me know and I'll find it for you.

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