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image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report October 22, 2014 - Grand Rapids Area Late Fall Fishing Reports

Can you believe it? On Tuesday, your host selfishly, shamelessly, with Malice aforethought; took a day off from fishing.
Actually, I did attempt to book it, but I couldn't find anybody who wanted to go fishing yesterday. Instead, I spent my day cleaning the cleanable, editing the editable, fixing the fixable and living my fishing through reports from my friends.
image denotes field report (10/22) On Leech Lake; Walleye fishing continues to be slow but steady in the area near Federal Dam, according to Roy Girtz - Royal Guide Service.
In his own words; "We got our fish, but it wasn't fast; one here, one there, until we were done".
Walleyes continue to roam the shallow weeds, feeding primarily on young of the year perch. Jig and minnow presentations in water depths of 7 to 10 feet are productive.
Anglers on the West side are keeping busy Perch fishing and the action is good. The problem is getting away from small fish and keying in on larger fish. Fishing in the weeds in Sucker bay, Agency bay and the Walker Narrows are all producing fish.
Jig and minnow combinations are productive and color patterns that resemble small Perch are working the best.
image denotes field report (10/22) On Grand Rapids Pokegama Lake, Brian Castellano wrote; "A friend and I hit Pokegama today from 10:00am to 3:30pm.
He's been having decent luck on Trout Lake using leadcore and Berkley Flicker shads but all of the walleyes are running in the slot, 21-24",so he wanted to try something different.
We covered the area from the west side of the causeway to the west side of Nesbit and Drumbeater Islands.
Water temps were around the 50 degree mark. We graphed alot of fish in the 18-25' range.
We threw leadcore and Berkley flicker shads, lindy rig and minnows, jig and minnows, bobber and minnow, and even the ultra stealthy split shot rig w/ a shiner at them and we could only muster up 1 northern.
Another fisherman I know was out there and had a little better luck than us. He said he was rigging redtails and creek chubs and using jigging raps in 25-44' of water and he put some smallies, northerns, and a couple small walleyes in the boat.
I'm planning on making a run to the Rainy River one day next week. Hopefully the fall walleye run will be on." - Brian Castellano

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image denotes news from Wired2Fish

Wired2fish readers are used to getting “sweet” prizes in our giveaways but this one is particularly delicious as it’s a full sampling of great fish catching baits from one of the industry’s best lure makers – Rapala. A killer fall bait selection just in time for Halloween Trick or Treat Fishing. Included in this giveaway ... Enter >> Rapala Spooktacular Giveaway (10/31)

image denotes field report (10/21) On Cutfoot Sioux (10/21) Surface temperatures are hovering just above the 50 degree mark and Walleye fishing remains steady. Typical of late fall, there are a handful of fish at almost every spot. Anglers who know their way around the lake should have little trouble gathering enough fish for a meal.
Key depths vary between spots and anglers should plan on being creative about where to fish. If you look at a spot that features a long tapering point into deep water, follow the entire structure into the depths. Post turnover Walleyes could be holding at any depth on the structure. Look for saddles between two rises; areas that resemble the low spot between Bobs Bar and the Pencil Bar.
If the spot you've chosen features a large, shallow weed flat, the follow the entire outer lip of these weed edges along the breakline.
The fish are where you find them, so if your electronics do not reveal the presences of at least a few fish, then keep covering fresh territory until you see some solid evidence.
image denotes field report (10/21) On Lake Winnibigoshish (10/21) Surface temperatures have fallen below 50 degrees and while Walleyes are hitting well after dark, the daytime Walleye fishing action has dropped off.
Northern Pike and Musky fishing has been good on the big lake and should get even better. That's because even more of these fish are heading toward the shallow water to take advantage of the fall Tulibee (Northern Ciscoe) spawning runs.
Tulibee spawn during the night and hold in the deeper weeds during the daytime. The largest predators in the lake are the ones that follow these Tulibee into the shallows and naturally, the spawning runs attract some very large Pike, Musky and even big Walleyes.
Key areas to fish are expanses of mixed gravel, rock and Bulrush. When there are deep cabbage weeds located nearby, then you have the making of a real trophy spot.
Casting large crankbaits, wood jerk baits and large soft plastic swim baits are all productive.
On The Rainy River (10/21) Reports of good Walleye fishing are trickling in and according to Zach Dagel, Grand Rapids Guide Service, friends have been doing well on the Rainy.
Apparently, the Emerald Shiners are making a move upstream into the river and typically, that means that the Walleyes aren't too far behind.
image denotes field report (10/21) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Fishing has been great just outside the light house gap in 18-24 feet of water! The water temperature is roughly 45 degrees. Anglers are catching nice Walleyes and some really nice sized Saugers.
Monday October 20 there will be a detour on Hwy 172/ Lake Road. The detour will last about 3 weeks.
Temperatures this next week in the mid 50’s with sunshine. It’s looking like the week is going to be beautiful!" - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report (10/21) From The Iron Range, Greg Clusiau - Deer Hunting Feature by Travis Sorokie ; "There is no doubt that the next several years in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota and Michigan hunting will be different than in years past. Two bitterly cold winters in the midwest with a lot of snow, an abundance of timberwolves, and liberal harvest rates in years prior have our herds at or near all-time lows. However, I am confident things will rebound given a couple of ... ">> Read Greg Clusiau's Full Report .
image denotes question from a reader (10/18) Pokegama Lake Fall Walleye Fishing - Pat Bradley wrote; "
Jeff, I noticed you don't walleye fish Pokegama in October and was wondering why? I do and it seems like my walleye fishing stops from late September til first ice. Any thoughts about where they go and how to fish them during this time?
A) Pat, you're right, while I do make it over to Pokegama a few times every fall, I do not spend a lot of time over there.
That isn't because I don't like fishing there in the fall, it's because most of my fall fishing customers are looking for some fish to eat. The emphasis on catching "eaters" during daylight hours forces me to follow the patterns on the larger, "Walleye factory" lakes like Leech and Winnibigoshish.
I think you're right too about a shift in their location on Pokegama during the fall too and as soon as I can get some time to think this over, I'll add some more comments. Do me a favor and watch the reports during mid week and I'll expand on it for you.
image denotes field report (10/16) From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson said; "It looks as though many of the area lakes have turned over. The water temperatures on the big deep lake I primarily fish ranged between 48 to51 degrees. I was marking fish in 24 to30 feet of water that I assume were Walleyes. A few tentative bites but no solid hook ups left any conclusion a best guess. Pike on the other hand, were more than willing to smash my crankbaits. I wasn’t fishing the oversized numbers I usually use when fishing for big fall Pike, but they accommodated me anyway. These fish ranged in size from 26 to28 inches, not whoppers but great for breakfast! Crappies are still biting in the deep holes on the bigger, deeper lakes. Wind was a major factor last weekend and boat control was an issue. This coming weekend looks like it will be a milder version of last weekend only in reverse. The bait shop is fully stocked and a new shipment of SAVAGE GEAR Musky lures has just arrived. We also have received a new shipment of ammo and hunting accessories so we’re all stocked and ready to provide whatever you need for what promises to be a great fall weekend."
Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 219-832-3901 or Email .

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Today October 22, 2014

image of fishing group from Trails End Resort
Photo courtesy Trails End Resort; Cast and Blast weekends have grown in popularity at the resort. Crappie fishing like this is one reason why!

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October 21, 2014

image of Lee Carlson with Big Musky
Photo courtesy Grant Prokop who guided Lee Carlson to a special birthday present. Cralson wanted to catch a Musky for his 65th Birthday and according to Prokop; "We were able to pull a rabbit out of the hat". --- Nice Rabbit! ... :)!!

image of Minnkota Website
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Look at the MinnKota website that's been redesigned from the ground up.

image of buck deer on ground
Sorokie; "I am confident things will rebound given a couple mild winters and tightened harvest regulations. After all, the whitetail deer is a fast growing, renewable resource given proper conditions." read >> Whitetail Deer Hunting

October 20, 2014

image of northern pike jeff deming davidson NC
An hour spent searching for Pike paid off, especially for Jeff Deming who Used a 1/4 ounce Lindy Jig rigged up on a 17 lb fluorcarbon leader for protection. Pike were located in 18 to 20 feet of water at the base of the breakline near areas where we'd found Crappies.

image of Jim Naylor with large Crappie
Jim Naylor provides evidence of his undisputable title; "King of the Crappie Hole". Even in the shallower water, breezy conditions called for heavier weights and the Ice Worms were the perfect solution.

image denotes insider fishing news


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