image links to fishrapper home page February 22, 2018 - "Lake Winnibigoshish Walleye Populations Revisted"

image of walleyes under water Q) John Vander Louw wrote; “Jeff, I and my family of 14 have been vacationing and fishing Lake Winnie for 17years.  The last few years fishing has been terrible (for us) on Winnie. 
The DNR Lake survey indicate much lower net rates of walleye than previous, if I read the reports correctly. I am seriously thinking of going to another lake and resort. I would like your thoughts and opinion about this.
A) John, this isn’t the first time that this subject has come up. In fact, a similar question came to my inbox last spring and finding the answer led me to an interview with officials at the Grand Rapids Fisheries office.
That information, along with some other anecdotal studies inspired me to write about Lake Winnie's Walleye Population in an article that's available ..." Learn More >> Lake Winnibigoshish Walleye Populations Revisted

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report February 21, 2018 "Snowfall Changes Focus For Itasca Area Anglers"

Perch fishing will soon become the primary focus for most anglers visiting the Itasca region.

image links to Rays Marine Boat Show For me though, other forces will keep me off of the ice and my focus for the weekend will be on spring, open water and boats; lots of boats!
Ray’s Marine is treating boating enthusiasts to an indoor boat show at their new headquarters at 895 NE 1ST STREET in Grand Rapids this week. The store’s Grand Opening event runs from Thursday February 22 through Sunday February 25, 2018.
Highlights of the event include free fishing seminars with James Lindner, Brad Hawthorne and yours truly, Jeff Sundin. There’s a FREE ..." Learn More >> Ray's Marine Boat Show February 22, 2018

image links to trails end resort Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort February 21, 2018

image of walleye caught on bowstring lake "Over the past few days, we received 16 inches of new snow. Bill has been working hard, well into the night to keep our plowed roads open for those anglers who come. But we’re definitely playing catch up and we appreciate your patience and we get our fishing spots opened up again.
Thanks to a break from the snowfall and a sunny day in store today, we should have everything whipped into shape for the upcoming weekend.
As we approach the closing weekend of the Walleye fishing season, we hope that you’ll be inspired by the accompanying photo. Homer caught this dandy 26 inch walleye while ice fishing on Bowstring last weekend. Nobody can promise a catch like this one every day, but we can let you in a little secret ..." Read >> Bowstring Lake Ice Fishing February 21, 2018

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism February 20, 2018

image of nice walleye caught by youngster "Anglers heading for the ice on Lake of the Woods this week should be optimistic. Consistent weather is typically good and the weather forecast calls for consistent conditions starting Wednesday with average temps in the mid 20's.
Right now anglers are working fish hard and putting fish in the pail. Electronics are playing a huge roll as some walleyes suspended as far as 10 feet below the ice.
Most resorts have their rental shelters place out in the 31 foot range. There are operators with some of their shelters placed a touch shallower too.
Anglers fishing in the deepest water, over soft bottom areas are catching ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Report February 20, 2018

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Shores of Leech Lake February 20, 2018

image of perch in a pail "When the weather is warmer and nicer our customers catch fish in the afternoon and early evening in 8-13’ on the north Walker Bay flats.
When the weather is colder, if they find fish, it is in 35 to 40 foot range, on the bottom.
We are on the west side of Walker Bay, so our customers mostly fish Walker Bay. These perch were taken near Sand Point (north Walker Bay flats). They are in an 11” diameter, 5-gallon bucket, not huge perch, but not bad either.
I would expect as we move toward spring there will be more fishing on the flats and less fishing over the deeper water." Mitch & Mara Loomis, Shores of Leech Lake 218-547-1819

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish February 20, 2018 "Free Major League Fishing App Available For Apple and Android"

image links to fishing product giveaway "Major League Fishing (MLF) announces that its all-new MLF App designed to deliver the ultimate experience for fans on the go is available now for free download on Apple and Android devices.
The new Major League Fishing App was developed with ease of use in mind as a way for fans on the go to keep up with everything MLF related, ranging from pro videos and tips to show news and the TV schedule for upcoming episodes.
League officials are excited about what the new app means for viewers of ..." Learn More >> Major League Fishing Launches New App

image denotes fishing question from a reader Q&A Minnesota Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Q) Brandon Watson wrote; "Hey Jeff; How is it determined what lakes are stocked with fry and what lakes with fingerlings. Also, what is the benefit to each? Thanks!"

A) Brandon, survivability is the primary benefit of stocking Walleye fingerlings. Panfish, especially Sunfish can be devastating to a freshly stocked batch of Walleye fry. It is the larger size of the fingerlings that protects them from being destroyed by small predator fish.

Fingerlings are also used for supplemental, early fall stocking of some lakes where natural populations of Walleye need a boost.  There are other instances where using fingerlings would be desirable too and one could ask; "Why not just forget about fry stocking and use fingerlings for all of our stocking needs?"

The problem is that Mother Nature complicates things and growing Walleye fry to fingerling size is ... Read >> Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" February 19, 2018

image links to clusiau report "A huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my fishing buddy, Andy Walsh, on his mammoth lake trout, caught last week, while fishing Clearwater Lake in Manitoba. The big fish, caught on a Northland Tackle bucktail jig, measured 42” long and had a girth of 28” and was estimated at 35 pounds. It looks like the 12-hour drive north was worth it, no matter how much equipment broke down.
Tullie Time! I made a trip to Leech Lake last Saturday and joined friends for some tullibee action. I’ve guided for them, out there, before but never fished for them on the south end, going out of Anderson’s Horseshoe Bay Resort. A plowed ice road lead us to the fishing grounds, which was an expansive area, covering several acres. People were spread out, all over the place. I was surprised to see so many ..." Read >> Greg's Guidelines February 19, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report February 18, 2018 "The Best Laid Fishing Plans …"

image of big bluegill … are no plans at all; at least that’s the way this ice fishing season has gone for me.
After a busy week of constantly having other plans, I and the Hippie Chick were chomping at the bit to get outside today. Fueled by the arrival of dozens fish photos coming from friends and family, we were bound and determined to get onto the ice today.
Winter storm warnings promising the arrival of heavy snow have already come to fruition. The snow is piling up outside of our kitchen window right now, so for now we’re in a watch and wait pattern.
If we do get lucky and manage a trip onto the ice today, we’ll be heading for ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update February 18, 2018

image links to fishrapper home page February 16, 2018 - "Reducing Minnesota's Walleye Bag Limits"

image of anglers with limit of walleyes On February 15, 2018 Robert Klocker wrote; "Hi Jeff! I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts (about bag limits). They may not be parallel with your opinion, but I know that it also reflects the opinions that a couple of my regular fishing partners share.
At 58 years of age I’ve seen the evolution of both good and bad fishing. I believe the 2 biggest points that impact the fishing are Pressure and Habitat. 
I learned from your writings that you practice and preach catch and release. Unfortunately I’ve seen that we are a minority in this practice.
It is with reluctance that I find it more and more necessary to reduce bag limits and ..." Read >> Reducing Minnesota's Walleye Bag Limits February 16, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report February 15, 2018 "The Unlikely Historian"

image links to article about walleye bag limits It’s ironic that when I was in school, I hated history classes. What could be more boring than listening to stories about old farts that did this, that or the other thing? I thought.
I love history these days and it's even more ironic that now I feel a sense of responsibility to be one of those old farts telling stories about history, from my own point of view.
While I was conducting a quick Google search to double check the walleye season ending dates, I stumbled into another article about proposals to reduce the statewide walleye bag limits. In the article, author Tom Cherveny wrote; "The walleye group is again urging the state to consider a four-fish limit, with one over 20 inches allowed."
Citing discussions about walleye bag limits from the 2018 ..." Learn More >> Walleye Bag Limits 2018

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish February 15, 2018 "Stop Tangling Treble Hooks"

image links to article "I’ve modified a simple way to store treble hook lures in tackle boxes to keep them from tangling up. If you’re like me you take a lot of various colors and sizes of different treble hook baits and you want to swap constantly with conditions and mood of the fish, but I get tired of fighting the baits always being tangled or locked together because of all the hooks.
We shared a video a couple of years ago from ice fishing angler Alex Keszler where he stored his lipless crankbaits for ice fishing in a peanut butter jar using rubber bands to keep the baits from tangling.
I didn’t necessarily want to convert all my crankbait boxes to peanut butter jars so I started playing with how to make it work in my ..." Learn More >> Stop Tangling Treble Hooks

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism February 13, 2018

image of Jace Luoma with big northern pike "Finally, warmer temperatures are predicted to begin today. With subzero weather, fishing was challenging to say the least. Making good use of electronics and working every fish has been crucial for success.
Resorts have most rental shelters over deep mud in 30 to 33 feet of water. However, there are some in shallower water ranging from 24 to 27 feet as well.
One rod rigged with a rattling type jigging lure, paired with a dead stick rod using live minnows on plain hooks is effective. Gold, pink, and other glow colors best. Pike are ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Update February 13, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report February 12, 2018 "Should Have Been There Yesterday?"

image of bluegill After a stellar trip to Lake of the Woods, we had our first small dosage of fishing close to home again. This time, the results were less than stellar, and I hope that the trend isn’t set to continue throughout the week.
I found myself remembering when the US Olympics were held in Norway, 1994 was the year.
There were some interesting stories about the Norwegian people in the media that year. The citizens of Norway were so eager to be helpful that they’d give folks advice about almost anything, even if it was wrong. They meant well, they were only trying to be hospitable, but sometimes the outcome that resulted from passing out bad advice was worse than if they would have ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update February 12, 2018

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" February 12, 2018

image of jeff nelson with big pike "The local bar contest took place last Saturday on Blue Lake and I was amazed at how few northern pike were caught. I don’t have an exact count but the six bars involved must have had well over a hundred entrants. I heard DeNucci’s Saloon had forty anglers sign up at their place alone.

I spent a few days on the big reservoir, prior the contest, looking for that little hotspot but came up empty-handed, not catching a northern. How is that even possible? Fishing there in the summer has one catching a fish about every hundred yards or so. It’s crawling with them.

One day, I had a couple of fish fly into the Vexilar cone and hammer my ..." Read >> Greg's Guidelines ebruary 12, 2018

image links to fishrapper home page February 8, 2018 - Q&A Northwest Angle, Lake of the Woods

image of pike at flag island lodgeQ) Tim Gansmoe wrote; “Hey Jeff, you mentioned that you’re fishing at the Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods. How are the ice conditions up there, can we go wherever we want with our snowmobiles?”
A) Tim, I’m not sure that anybody can ever go “wherever they want” on a snowmobile. But travel conditions for snowmobilers on Lake of the Woods are pretty good right now.
The snow cover is light, maybe 5 to 8 inches and that means problems with slush have been minimal. The groomed trails are in excellent shape and we were able to move quickly on them. Thanks to the cold weather though, the snow is packed really hard and traveling off of the main trails has been bumpy, but taking is slow, we’ve managed to move around freely.
The ice depth is probably close to 30 inches, so some fishermen are using extensions already. The drill on my Nils is longer than most standard units, so I haven’t needed one. I’d suggest packing yours though just to be prepared.
On Wednesday, the walleye fishing remained good for us and with stable weather, will likely be good again today.
Crappies were piling up on the ..." Read >> Flag Island Fishing Report February 8, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report February 7, 2018 - "Lake of the Woods, Northwest Angle"

image of jeff sundin with big walleye Yesterday I teased you with a comment about heading out to the Walleye hole on our snowmobiles. Knowing how observant most of you are, you probably already guessed that we are fishing up on Lake of the Woods. If you did, then you’re right, we are up at the Northwest Angle.
I can’t say that I was really looking forward to spending another day on the ice in subzero temperatures. Despite obvious challenges caused by machines unwilling to operate properly in the cold, our day turned out to be a good one.
Thanks to decent portable ice fishing shelters and the availability of propane, we were actually really comfortable and the fish kept us busy enough that the cold temperatures seemed to slip our minds.
Almost any trip to the angle is a good one; we always catch some fish up here. But I think yesterday was above average for us. We fished for Walleyes from ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Report February 7, 2018

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Jeff Sundin February 6, 2018 "On Our Way To The Walleye Hole"

It’s the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the current temperature is -18 degrees and we’re getting ready for an hour long snowmobile ride to the Walleye hole.
They tell us that the fishing has been good and I hope they’re right. But, no matter what happens out there today, you will definitely be the first to know. fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Trappers Landing Lodge February 2, 2018

image of ice fisherman with big walleye "Fishing has picked up this past week. The big walleyes were on the chow this past weekend and we had some great pictures sent in this past weekend. Thank you to all the guests that shared their pictures.
Fishing for walleyes still remains random. We had reports this past weekend from guests catching walleye in 30+ feet of water on the bottom of the deep drop-offs near Rogers Point and Huddle’s reef areas, to guests catching walleye in 10 ft of water off of the shallow rock bars near Big Rock Reef, Mokeys Reef and Diamond Point.
The average best depth still remains in ..." Read >> Leech Lake Fishing Report February 2, 2018

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Help Jeff Sell The Boat and Receive Free Fishing Weekend!

image of Lund 208 Pro V GLThat's right, help me sell this fabulous boat and you will receive a full weekend of free fishing with me. Even if the new home you find is your own, you can still get the free fishing trip.
I definitely love my 208 Lund Pro V GL, but it’s getting close to the start of a new season and it's time to make room in the shed for the next one.
Either you, or someone you know can cash in on big savings by picking up this luxurious fully rigged and ready fishing boat for $15,000 below the retail price.
If you’re reading this page, then you already know that I like to ... Learn More >> Lund 208 ProV GL Tiller For Sale

Fish ED "Finding Perfect Perch Water" image links to perch fishing video

Yellow Perch are found all over the Midwest and are one of the most popular targets for Ice Fishermen.
This week on Fish Ed, host Jon Thelen and fellow guide Jeff Sundin will show you how to find great Jumbo Perch water and how to pick a productive spot.
Learning what to look for will definitely help your chances of bringing home a bucket full of Jumbo Perch! View Video >> Finding Perfect Perch Water

image links to fishrapper home page January 31, 2018 - Gamma Ice Fishing Line, Yay or Nay?

image of gamma ice fishing line Q) Mark Arneson wrote; “Jeff, early this season you wrote about experimenting with some new ice fishing lines. Have you come to any conclusions?
The original report that you’re referring to is “Ice Fishing Lines; Which One Is the Best?” That report appeared on December 5, 2017 and it was about my effort to come up with a replacement for what had previously been my preferred copolymer fishing line after it had been discontinued.
The line that I selected was Gamma’s copolymer ice fishing line. I spooled up six reels with clear 3 pound test for panfish and perch. I also spooled up 3 reels with clear 6 pound test for walleye fishing.
Now that I’ve had a couple of months to test it, I have to say that I’ve ..." Read >> Gamma Ice Line Review January 31, 2018

image links to fishrapper home page January 30, 2018 - "Can You Help Zero Me In On My Lake?"

image of lake map Q) On January 30, Joe Heinicke wrote; "I purchased a cabin on (withheld) MN 2 years ago and have had a hard time figuring out how to fish it. The lake is deep and clear with very little structure. I also have two young kids so I don't get a lot of time to actually fish and try new things.
I am headed up to do some ice fishing in a couple of weeks and will only get a few hours to actually fish. Any advice on getting crappies or sunfish in a deep clear lake through the ice?
A) Good morning Joe, I've never fished your lake, so I'm making strictly an educated guess. In clear water lakes, Crappie have a tendency to suspend over deep water, if there's adequate oxygen, they could even be smack dab over the ..." Read >> Fishing Question Answer January 30, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 29, 2018 "Ill Timed Explorations Lead To Discovery Of Fickle Fish"

image of Humminbird ice helix 7 chirp"I was wrapping up my fishing trip on Saturday when my phone rang. A friend was calling to let me in on a secret, his son was on the lake right now and he was catching Bluegills hand over fist. “Some are better than others, but there are some real nice fish mixed in and they’re biting as fast as he can get his lure in the water” my friend said.
I could hardly wait to get home and tell the Hippie Chick that we were going Bluegill fishing on Sunday. When I did, she was just as excited as I was and we were awake at the crack of dawn to be sure that we didn’t miss out on the action.
We arrived at the lake, located the young lad who’d been so lucky on Saturday and started preparing to have some fun. I drilled a half dozen holes and the Humminbird revealed fish under almost all of them. The fish I was seeing all had something in common; they ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update January 29, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 26, 2018 "Master Trackers In Action"

image of tracks in snow We were following some old tracks mostly covered with fresh snow, but still visible. They were the tracks of a single small sled, pulled by a single angler. “OH Man, this is gonna be good, there hasn’t been anybody fishing this lake and we are going to crush monster Bluegills”. This is gonna be awesome, I thought.
Before leaving my office, I had called a DNR Fisheries official and he advised me to expect finding a locked gate and that we'd have a ¼ mile walk into the lake. When we arrived, everything was as we expected, we followed the public access sign to the locked gate, parked our trucks and prepared for the long walk.  
We began the trek knowing that we were in the right area because we could ... Read >> January 26, 2018 Master Trackers In Action

image denotes link to fish rapper article A Fishing Update From Tyler Decker on January 26, 2018

"Floodwood area lakes are in good shape as far as slush and snow conditions are concerned. We can get around easy with a pickup truck. Fishing locally has been fair at best, so we tried Lake of the Woods on Monday thru Wednesday and the fishing was fair at best for us up there too.
Ballard's provided us with our fishing spot for the first two days and we fished free lance one day ourselves. Actually, we had better luck free lancing after we traveled 15 miles out, using Adrian's plowed road, which is also in great shape. Off of the road, there's a lot of jagged ice so be careful moving around out there." - Tyler Decker

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 24, 2018 "Predicting the Predictable"

image of crappies on ice Last week I was talking with a friend about Crappie fishing and how we’d both been to several lakes where the average Crappie has been small, really small.
For a while, I figured that I was just picking the wrong lakes and that sooner or later I’d hit a spot where the majority of fish were larger. I thought too that if I just find the right lake, I might not catch a lot of fish, but at least I won’t have to mess around with so many 5 and 6 inch fish.
So far I haven’t found that “right” lake and it’s beginning to look like good news. You’re asking what’s so good about catching all those little fish; who wants those? The answer is that nobody wants ‘em right now, but if this trend represents what I think it does, then in a couple of years everybody will ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update January 24, 2018

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 22, 2018 “Are Fish Bipolar or Just Schizophrenic?”

image of will silvis with nice crappie I mentioned last week that family obligations were going to keep me off the ice for a few days and they did. So reports from friends and family represent everything I’ve learned about fishing in the area this weekend.
The common thread running through all of the reports is the on again, off again nature of the fishing action.
For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that you definitely found a good fishing spot. If your timing was good and you fished that spot on Saturday, then you probably think that the fishing was great this weekend. If your timing wasn’t so good and you fished the same spot on Sunday, the odds are that you ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update January 22, 2018

image links to trails end resort Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort January 19, 2018

image of ice fishing wall of fame "Our ice fishing wall of fame is beginning to fill up with images of nice fish and reports from our guests share a common theme. Fishing action on Bowstring has been a little slower this winter when compared to the past couple of seasons. But the lake is making up for a slower pace by providing anglers with fish of quality size.
The Crappie population, prone to being cyclic, is in a re-building mode right now. Fish from the very strong 2010 year class that remain in the lake are now ranging between 12 and 13 inches. Fish in that size range are typically less abundant, but certainly are well worth a little extra effort.
Most crappie fishermen know that these fish ..." Read >> Bowstring Lake Ice Fishing Update January 19, 2018

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish January 17, 2018 "Comparing Bass on Fishfinder Sonar to Real-Time Underwater Video" image links to video

"They say seeing is believing, so that’s the approach we took in this video. Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski pins the boat over a mega school of bass to compare his sonar readout to real-time underwater video of the bass below.

The goal of this video is to acquaint those new to, or building their LCD fish finder knowledge; understanding how gamefish mark is a major step in getting the most out of your time on the water by eliminating unproductive areas.

Sit back and enjoy looking at a MEGA school of smallmouth on sonar and an underwater camera at the same time." View Video >> Comparing Bass on Fishfinder Sonar to Real-Time Underwater Video

Lindy's Favorite Ice Fishing Lures Now Available in Tungsten!

image of Lindy Tungsten ice jigs It’s no secret that anglers are moving more toward the use of Tungsten lures every season.
Denser than lead, Tungsten allows us to pack more weight into small lures, allowing faster drop rates, better control and improved contact with our baits.
But what if we could find some of our old favorites; time proven confidence baits made with Tungsten instead of Lead?
Guess what? Lindy has done it! They’ve taken the most well-known family of ice fishing lures, already famous for great drop rates and produced them in all new Tungsten versions.
The Lindy Fat Boy, Lindy Ice Worm and Lindy Bug are now offered alongside the already popular Tungsten Toad.
Now ice anglers can enjoy using these proven jig designs with the added advantages that Tungsten provides.

image of lindy foo flyer image of sundin OH and one more comment about that note from Bob Cass, the Foo Flyer that he mentioned is one awesome Walleye lure. In fact the Foo Flyer is one of my all-time favorites and I use them frequently.
The Foo Flyer also happens to be one of the lures that produce best results when the operator knows the “trick” to making it perform at its peak. So a few years ago, we produced a video in which the Foo Flyer was the featured presentation. It provides an excellent tutorial about how to trigger Walleye strikes at time when they might resist other presentation.
Even if you’ve seen it before, it is definitely worth your time to revisit the video >> Foo Flyer Presentation for Walleyes.

image links to fishrapper home page January 5, 2018 - "TV & Magazine Guest Appearances" image links to fish ed air dates

Q) Last week Kevin Scott emailed; "Hello Jeff ! Hope all is great and you're keeping warm! Say, you mentioned you were gonna be either in a magazine or on TV in January! Can you update me? Thanks!
A) Kevin, sorry for the tardy reply, but it's been a busy year and I had to strain my brain to remember it all myself. Your question is a good one because it helps me deliver an answer to one of the most common questions folks ask me all year long which is; "What do you do during the off-season?"
I think that evidence of what I did with my “free time” is going to be pretty easy to find this year. Let’s start with TV because the new season of Lindy’s Fish ED TV show begins this weekend. Occasionally, Jon has me ..." Read >> Sundin 2018 TV and Radio Appearances

image links to fishrapper home page December 5, 2017 - Ice Fishing Lines; Which One Is Best?

image of ice fishing line assortment "James Friedrichs Wrote; Jeff, I’m preparing to re-spool my ice fishing reels and I’ve been looking for advice about which line to use. I have 3 friends who are avid ice fishermen, all 3 are successful, all 3 use different lines and all 3 have offered different advice.
Q) What do you think is the best way to rig up for Walleye, mono, fluorocarbon or braid? Also, do you suggest using leaders or swivels, how do you rig up your ice gear?
A) James, your question is timely because I happen to be asking many of the same questions. Supplies of my “go to” fishing line (more about that later) recently became unavailable and when I started searching for a replacement, I too was bombarded by an array of advisors whose advice left me with more questions than answers.
The confusion in part is because choosing a fishing line is subjective, what works for one, can be a nightmare for another. So understand that my answers are based on the fishing scenarios I encounter most often. In the end, your fishing situation(s) may lead you to ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Line; Which One Is Best?

image links to fishrapper home page Bunk Trailers vs Roller Trailers; Which Is Best?

Steve Penkoske Wrote;

Q) "Jeff, What kind of trailer do you prefer, a bunk or roller?
A) Steve, if I was assured that every landing I would ever use had water depths adequate for floating my fiberglass 208 ProV, I would absolutely prefer bunk trailers.
Bunks provide better support for my hull and given that I have enough water to float my boat, the bunk trailer is an absolute dream to load. Hands down, the bunks are a better way to go, when and if they suit your needs.
They do have one drawback and it’s a big problem for me because not all of the public access sites at the lakes I fish provide water that’s deep enough to provide adequate flotation.
That's why I still ..." Read >> Bunk Trailers vs Roller Trailers; Which Is Best?

image links to fishrapper home page Tiller Steering vs Console Steering

Pete Mayer wrote; "I read your article on Thursday about controlling a tiller boat in big waves, it makes sense, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a boat like yours. So my questions are do you really need a tiller boat and what would you do in these situations if you didn’t have one?"

Answer) Pete, you’re right, I am extremely lucky to be able to ..." Read >> Boat Control Tiller vs Console October 20, 2017


image links to article about Barotrauma What is barotrauma? Simply stated barotrauma is “injury caused to the body by changing air or water pressure.” In humans we know this as “The Bends”- a dangerous condition that divers experience when they come up too fast from deep water. Believe it or not, something similar happens in fish.
For example: When an angler angles walleye at the bottom of the lake, those walleye are experiencing a certain amount of pressure (air & water). When the angler yanks them up to the surface, that pressure is drastically reduced. This means that their gas filled cavities rapidly expand. This is particularly a problem for fish due to the presence of their ..." Read >> BAROTRAUMA AWARENESS

Comprehensive Underwater Side Imaging Video Teaches Everything! Top Rated Video! May 5, 2017

image links to videoOkay lets cut to the chase. If you've ever asked a question about using side imaging, how it works or why it works; then you need to watch this video. This is the most comprehensive turorial about using side imaging technology that I've ever seen.
Wired2Fish teamed up with Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski of Humminbird to create this detailed video about understanding how and why this technology works. Kolo breaks down how to read and interpret what side imaging, down imaging, and two-dimensional (2D) sonar are showing you, and how they can improve your fishing. We filmed real-time drone and underwater video of ... " View >> Understanding Side Imaging Technologies

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Article: What Is The Value Of A Sunfish? May 4, 2017

image of jeff sundin with bluegill"I’m just like you, I wish that I could visit my favorite lake any time I want and catch oodles of big Bluegills. I’d like to bring a bunch of them home too, that way I could fix a big family fish fry for every special occasion.  
The problem is that if I fish there too often or bring home too many fish, my favorite lake won’t remain favored very long.
It’s a fact of life and we’re going to have to come to grips with it; as a group, we are extremely effective predators and we’re getting better all the time. We have the equipment, the knowledge, the leisure time and the communication skills to harvest fish faster than our favorite lakes can produce them. We literally have the ability to ..." Read Article >> What Is The Value Of A Sunfish?

Fish ED New Video March 2, 2017 "How Zebra Mussels Affect Fish Location"

"Exotic Zebra Mussels have invaded countless lakes across the Midwest.
Because they filter the water, Zebra Mussels increase water clarity and cause vegetation to grow deeper than ever before. Fish ED host Jon Thelen and fellow guide Jeff Sundin reveal how these widespread, non-native mussels affect winter fish location and behavior." View Video >> How Zebra Mussels Affect Winter Fish Location

image links to ice fishing video

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report March 1, 2017 Q&A What's The Death Cloud?

Kurt Anderson Asked; what do you mean by the term “Death Cloud”? I saw your fishing report dated February 27th and in it, you said; “I was surprised that the action stopped before sundown, but it did. By 6:00 PM the screen of my Humminbird was painting images of the “death cloud”. A) Kurt, I coined the phrase “Death Cloud” before I ever ... Read >> What's The Death Cloud?

image of humminbird screen showing death cloud

For Sale: 2016 Lund 208 ProV GL Tiller, Mercury Verado 200 HP "Big Tiller"

2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller, 2016 Mercury Verado “Big Tiller”, 2016 Dual Axle Trailer.
You've been ready for the ultimate ride in a tiller boat for a long time, but you thought it would be way too expensive for you; not anymore!
It’s getting close to the end of the season and my boat is ready for a new home. That means that you can cash in on big savings by ... Learn More >> 2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller For Sale


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Helping your fellow fishermen and women stay abreast of the ice conditions in your area is good for everybody and it's easier than you think! Fishing Reports Minnesota is the Facebook counterpart to this page and it's open to the public. So be like me, become a duly deputized "Cub Reporter" and post your own pics and comments. It's good for fishing! Click >> Fishing Reports Minnesota

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Fishing The Fall Turnover In Natural Lakes - Jeff Sundin

... "This probably means that for most fishermen, "The Turnover", I mean the absolute scientific event is probably not really what influences fish locations and feeding patterns during the cold water period.
Most of us rarely, if ever see surface temperatures colder than 40 degrees and for me, 50 degree water is enough to produce changes in both location and feeding patterns. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs.
Although there are times when a lake make may actually have completely turned over during our fishing season, it seems more likely to me that ... Read >> Fishing Fall Walleye At Turnover


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