image denotes news release (1/28) On Monday, the Minnesota DNR issued a list of new and modified fishing regulations for the upcoming fishing season. One of the new regulations has already gotten a lot of attention; On Lake Winnibigoshish, Walleye will now have an 18- to 23-inch protected slot, with only one longer than 23 inches.
According to the DNR Release; "This is to allow for more harvest opportunities while still maintaining protection to spawning-age fish. In recent years the slot limit on Winnibigoshish has consistently met objectives established for the regulation."
Another lake in my own back yard is set to receive special attention too. Sand Lake and connected waters (Birdseye, Portage and Little Sand lakes) will have a protected slot limit beginning in May of 2016. Walleye 17 to 26 inches must be released under protected slot limit, one fish longer than 26 inches allowed in a possession limit of six fish. The DNR says; "This experimental regulation is intended to increase abundance of spawning-age walleye, stabilize reproduction, and end boom-and-bust cycles of fishing success for walleye".
New regulations, or modifications to existing regulations will occur on Saganaga, Lake George, Sauk River chain of lakes, Big Mantrap and several others. The complete list is available here >> MN DNR NEWS RELEASE New Special Angling Regulations

Ice Fishing Report January 27, 2015 - Following the Snow to the Panfish Hole

Remember snow? Well if you know where to look, there is some and you don't have to travel all that far up north to find it. When you do, there's definitely a reward; untapped schools of mid-winter Panfish. They are there right now, gathered along the breaklines of Northern Minnesota's remote lakes.
Fish ED's Jon Thelen shows you tips for catching Panfish on the Frostee Jigging Spoon. Join Jon in this final episode of the 2015 winter season. >> Mid-Winter Snow-Belt Panfish

image of Bill Powell with Leech Lake Walleye

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 26, 2015 - On Leech Lake Twilight Bite Full Of Surprises

Stable weather, light snow cover and good reports gave indications that Sunday would be a good day for a trip to Leech Lake's Portage Bay. It turned out good, but I have to say, Leech Lake was full of surprises this Sunday.
While we stopped to drop our $6.00 in the box at North Star Resort, I fired up the Humminbird and locked in the GPS. Fishing partners Bill Powell and Billy Maki were all ears as I showed them where I hoped to go. You can't always go there from the ramp at North Star, but this is an exceptional year and maybe we'd make it.
I was apprehensive because there's almost always a pressure ridge that blocks vehicle travel to the south side of Grassy Point and that's where I was hoping to go. It typically runs west from the shoreline near Federal Dam and ends near Grassy Point. We discovered that the ridge is there again this year, but there fishermen on the south side of the crack. I walked over for a chat and they confirmed that there were fishermen who had been crossing via a series of low spots toward the west end, as you approach Grassy Point. We could see that the ridge sort of fizzles out, but I was still nervous, but we found the ... read >> Leech Lake Ice Fishing Report

This past year Smithwick introduced their new Perfect 10 Rogue and it has even more killer characteristics that drive early season bass and walleyes crazy. For one, it dives deeper, 10-12 feet, quicker too, due to a tungsten rattle and a newly designed bill, and two, it comes in several new translucent color patterns to match the hatch at your area waters.
We are going to give you a chance to win eight Perfect 10 jerkbaits, in our latest giveaway. Four winners. Good luck! One entry per person please.". Enter >> Smithwick Jerkbait Giveaway (2/10)
image denotes fishing product giveaway
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report Greg's Guidelines 1/27/2014 - "This newfound freedom to roam has me doing more exploring than normal. I’ve been on as many as three lakes a day, checking them over and looking for new spots. That’s a big part of the game for me. I just love to experiment and explore. Get out there and do it while you can.
Multi Species Fun – Driving on all of these lakes has me fishing for several different species. Most of the trips have focused on panfish but it’s gotten to the point where I’ll go to this lake for portly perch, another for slab crappie, and yet another for big bluegills. Even though all three could be caught on the same lake I prefer to ..." Learn More >> Read Greg Clusiau's Full Report .
image denotes field report from a fishrapper reader (1/26) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Not the January many expected as temperatures have been warmer than usual! The big Fish have been biting! Many slot fish caught and released this past week as well as a good amount of eater fish.
Electronics are definitely helping! If you are planning a trip up and would like to rent a Vexilar let us know, they are a great way to increase your chances. Aggressive jigging has been the trick! Gold jigs and pink on set lines have been working well.
We are still roughly 25 miles from Pine Island in about 30 feet of water. Low 30’s to start off the week slowly dropping temperatures into Friday. Saturday’s high around zero, with a few snow dustings throughout the week." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 25, 2015 - Itasca Area Perch Action Heats Up During Transition

A glance at the calendar is all it should take to remind anglers that late winter is upon us. Time moved slowly over the past 30 days, the length of daylight only increased by 45 minutes. But looky here, during the next 30 days, we are going to pick up an extra 105 minutes of added daylight and 30 days after that … Ta-Dah; the first day of spring. You KNOW that’s it’s not long after that when the spawning season will begin.
During this transition, forces of nature are hard at work encouraging Perch to change feeding and travel patterns in preparation for the open water season that lies ahead.
As the population of forage minnows dwindles with every feeding spree, Insect larvae continue to mature, becoming increasingly important as a food source to both Perch and other small baitfish that Perch prey on.
Here's the equation; Longer Daylight + Shorter Food Supply + Changing Food Sources + Spawning Instincts = Great Late Winter Transitional Perch Fishing! "Early Birds" already notice an uptick in Perch action; anglers on the sidelines should ... >> Read Fishing Report

image of Annalee Sundin with Jubo Perch on ice
image of pickup truck breaking through ice on Pokegama Lake

January 25, 2015 A word to the wise for ice fishermen on Pokegama Lake, Grand Rapids MN

It wasn't a good weekend for driving on Pokegama, especially not between Stony Point and the islands. Luckily, there were no injuries because the the pressure ridge opened up over shallow water. The truck bottomed out on a 4 foot sand bar that bridges the gap between the shoreline and "Battleship Island". Still, the expense of removing and replacing the truck won't be much fun for the owner.
It doesn't matter who the owner is, or how it happened. I post the photo here only in the hope that the rest of us can learn from the experience. It's that time of year, changing conditions can catch anybody by surprise.

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 23, 2015 - Lake Winnibigoshish Perch Fishing Report

YOU KNOW that I've spent a lot of time looking around the Itasca area for "untapped opportunities" and usually, especially this year, that's a lot easier to say than it is to do. Luckily, after a couple of days trucking around on Lake Winnie, I have to say that the big lake might be one of them. In fact, judging by the light traffic out there, I think that it's one of the better kept secrets in the region right now.
The ice is solid, nearly 30 inches thick and snow cover is very light. Except for some areas of drifted snow near shore, plowed roads are virtually unnecessary. There are 3 or 4 pressure ridges on the lake; rental operators have staked out paths around a couple of them.
Finding and catching Perch wasn't automatic; I've had to do some exploring. But with travel conditions this good, moving around the lake has been very easy. As always, if you cover enough territory, you're gonna find some Perch. On Thursday, we found one school of Perch that provided non-stop-action for several hours. There were enough Jumbos to make it interesting and with a goal of sorting 10" ... read >> Winnie Perch Fishing Report .

image of Jon Thelen holding Jumbo Perch

image denotes field report (1/24) From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson said; "The Crappie bite has picked up the last several weeks, with the best times being an hour before dark to an hour after. It seems the panfish bite just keeps getting better. Perch and Sunfish are more consistent now with soft plastics being very productive. Walleye have been somewhat slow but as always, the pike are only too glad to take your sucker minnow or as quite often happens, snip off your Crappie minnow along with your jig and beat it to parts unknown or just sit still and wait for the next one to come down the hole. The big news this week was the opening of Trout season. Last Saturday saw many anglers on the 14 trout lakes in Itasca County. Eight of these lakes are designated Stream Trout lakes with the remaining six holding Lake Trout. Reports from various lakes were promising. The general perception was that fishing was good, with most people catching a few or at least hooking a few. Lake Trout fisherman did well and as expected, lost more fish than they landed but had a great time all the same. Be sure to drop by the store on your way to the lake. The bait and tackle departments are fully stocked. Ice combos and augers are on sale".
Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 219-832-3901 or Email .

image denotes question from a reader (1/23) Naming Names Of Favorite, Smaller Fishing Lakes? - Every week or so, I'll get a comment like this one from Tim Rodemeyer; "Jeff, I am from Iowa and fish in northern Minnesota a couple times each year during the summer months. My family has a place in (withheld) and we spend most of our time fishing on (witheld).
My Brother in-law and I like to try new places once in awhile when we are up there (and our lake) is not producing.
I notice on your site that when you review your recent fishing you never reveal the name of the lake when you fish smaller bodies of water. We don't have a large fishing boat so we spend most of our time on smaller lakes. Just wondering why you don't reveal the name of the smaller lakes you may have recently fished. I know there are a lot of them in the area but would like to know where some of your favorite small lakes are and how you like to fish those particular lakes? Read Answer >> Naming Names Of Favorite, Smaller Fishing Lakes

Helping your fellow ice fishermen and women stay abreast of the ice conditions in your area is good for everybody and it's easier than you think!
Fishing Reports Minnesota is the Facebook counterpart to this page and it's open to the public.
Be like me, become a duly deputized "Cub Reporter" and post your own pics and comments. It's good for fishing! Click >>

image says become a duly deputized Cub Reporter
image denotes question from a reader (1/22) Fishing Rods For Hard Water? - James Friedrichs asked; "Watched your latest video on Upper Red. Curious, what are you using now for hard water rod and reels? More curious about the rods actually but might as well ask about the reels too. For walleye and Panfish, what length and action do you like? What make rod was that in the video? Thanks".
A) James, I'm not exactly a purist when it comes to ice rods. I really have a Hodge Podge of different brands and actions. I don't get rods from a sponsor or receive any special treatment. I shop the same way you do, comparing features and benefits to the price. I do my best to stay in the $20 to $30 price range, but will occasionally spend a few extra bucks for something really cool.
The rod you saw in the video is a fairly inexpensive ... Learn More >> Fishing Rods For Hard Water?
image denotes question from a reader (1/22) Lund Alaskan For Rough Water? - Kevin Scott Wrote; "I have a good friend, early 60s who fishes Minnesota-Wisconsin and Canada on medium size lakes like Bowstring. He's contemplating purchasing a new boat and fishes for walleye and Panfish mainly. I recommended the Lund Alaskan in a tiller but he has had a console and is leaning that way. Easy trailering and easy in and out of water is important and being able to troll and work structure with the right equipment.
A) Kevin, Everyone has their own ideas about what they "NEED" in a boat. The Alaskan is one boat that makes a lot of sense for anglers who want to have all of the right tools for fishing, and don't mind ... >> Read Answer
image of Lund Alaskan

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 21, 2015 - Mid-Season Upper Red Lake Walleyes

(1/21) Every winter, there's a rush to be among the early arrivals for the hot, prime time Walleye bite on Red Lake. Most anglers ALREADY KNOW that during the early season, Catching Walleyes on the big pond is as close to "No-Brainer" fishing as you can get. But later, after the crowds have gathered their bounty and Walleye migrations begin, it takes a solid strategy to stay in the action. You can catch fish more consistently during the late Walleye season by following a few simple tips.
In this week's episode of Fish ED., Jeff Sundin shows how fishing the Foo Flyer and Slick Jig together provides a great one-two punch for Late Season Walleyes on Red Lake.

In this week's episode of Fish ED., Jeff Sundin shows how fishing the Foo Flyer and Slick Jig together provides the perfect one-two punch for late season Walleye

image links to trails end resort (1/21) From Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort Erin Charlton wrote; "This winter, the weather has been driving the fishing. For us, fishing action has been slow, but it has been steady.
Signs of mid-winter migrations that will help anglers by allowing them to take advantage of more stable fishing patterns are cropping up. Crappies are beginning to show up in greater numbers along the steep shoreline drop offs. Walleyes are following the shoreline breaks adjacent to weed growth and just yesterday, we began seeing some good numbers of Jumbo Perch coming into the resort. Creative anglers are finding the Jumbos in some off-beat locations and we have some additional information to share with customers who stop in for a chat". Trails End Resort has plowed access to the lake and remember; we'll even deliver you a Pizza while you're fishing. See you on the ice". - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .

image of ice fisherman with nice Pike on Ball Club Lake image of Gus' Place Logo (1/20) On Ball Club Lake Gus' Place Resort Gus Sheker; "Ice conditions remain very good with 23 inches of clear ice and light drifted snow, 4-wheel drive trucks are recommended for lake travel.
Perch fishing remains excellent in 16-20 feet, live minnows and jigs along shoreline drops. I consider a keeper fish to be 8 inches or more and with this as my standard, about every 4th or 5th fish is a "Bucket Fish". We definitely are having to sort through some smaller fish, but we're having fun catching a lot of Perch. Northern fishermen are also doing very well and it is a good idea to fish Perch and Pike at the same time in the same spots. The bite falls off for both Perch & Northern after dark. Customers have been hooking nice Walleye in 16-18 feet on Shiners and Fat Heads on the humps along the East shoreline, but there are periods of inactivity and you need to be patient and wait for the schools to move through." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520
image denotes field report from a fishrapper reader (1/21) On Cutfoot Sioux, Bryan Harris Eagle Nest Lodge says; "We had fishermen this weekend all over the area. Gunnar caught crappies on Round, Bluegills on Little Cutfoot, and walleyes and northerns on Big Cutfoot. Our guests fished mostly Winnie and Big Cutfoot and caught perch, walleyes and northerns. Friday was a little slower, but Saturday and Sunday, they had good luck. A good 2' of ice and just a few inches of snow on top makes it easy to get around. We have openings most weekends this winter. " - Eagle Nest Lodge 218-246-8707

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 20, 2015 - Small Water Walleye, Narrowing Down Options

(1/20) For me, Walleye fishing has had its ups and downs recently; some days have been really good, some ... zzz.
On Monday, a quick trip to one of my favorite backyard Walleye Lakes helped remind me that nobody guesses the perfect spot every time. But if you give it some thought, even your slow days will have their rewards.
This was my first visit to the small lake this winter, so when we arrived at the lake, I was amazed by how many people had already acted on the same idea. Looking around the landscape, I spied fishing shelters already set up on the majority of the lakes mid-lake structures. So the head scratching began with the idea of picking a spot that had potential, but was still available. It was already near 3:00 PM so whichever one we chose; we'd just have to hope that it would be a good pick.
A prominent shoreline point that lies adjacent to a large, shallow flat is the spot that got the nod. It looked good on paper; there was nobody there, and if that spot failed, there was a deeper, open water hump nearby. So with plan A figured out, we began to ... Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report

image of Arne Danielson holding Walleye

image denotes field report from a fishrapper reader (1/20) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Great times being had here at Border View Lodge! The week has been another success, filling buckets with fish and the lodge with laughter!
We have been battling some pressure cracks and have had to reroute the road in areas. However, our guides work hard to continue to keep the road open for the drive out availability. We have houses ranging around the 30 foot mark. Some of the houses are surrounding structure while some are just off and a little deeper. Standard Gold, Pink and Red glow colors are working great!
Light snow showers early on in the week but turning to a greater chance of accumulation towards the end of the week. Temperatures remain in the upper teens to mid 20’s." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes field report from a fishrapper reader (1/20) If you’re an ice-fisherman, you’ve almost certainly debated this question: Sit tight and wait for the fish to come to you or pick up and start drilling holes to go to the fish? Staying put may result in a day spent just out of the fish’s range. Go mobile and you might leave just before the fish arrive.
If this indecision is bugging you, here are a couple guys who know a thing about staying or going, and their advice can help you make better fishing decisions on the ice. Read story >> Should I Stay or Should I go ?
image links to ice fishing article should I saty or should i go?

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 19, 2015 - Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Fishing Report

(1/19) An afternoon trip to the West side of Lake Winnie ended nicely for Danny Martin and me on Sunday. We found some fish and proved to ourselves that sometimes, there really is a "Lucky Bait".
The goals that we'd set were not lofty ones, we just wanted to do some exploring; find out if there were some interesting things to do. Neither of us was in the mood to clean fish, so we'd be happy going home empty handed, but obviously hoped to first tangle with some rod benders.
A mixed bag of Perch, Walleye, maybe even Tulibee, sounded good, so our first stop was on a prominent point, near deep water on Moses Bar. Tiny Perch were all that we could muster at that spot though; maybe we'd do better by fishing a couple of "The Humps"?
Now we had fish looking at our baits, still, small Perch were all that struck. By now, it looked like we caught the big pond on a bad day. Thanks to the fire kept burning under my butt by my senior navigator, we opted to make one more move.  This time I asked Danny if he was feeling lucky, he said Yes, this time I ... report >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report

image Danny Martin holding Perch on Lake Winnie
image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Big Pike In Minnesota? Tackling The Issue In 2015 - Speaking only for me, the job of catching quality size Northern Pike has become more difficult every year. It really doesn't matter why it got this way, it only matters what we do about it. That's why I ... read more >> Fishing Report January 18
image denotes link to fishing article Outdoor Writer Jeff Samsel, Clarkesville Georgia caught up with us this winter and took some notes. Samsel wrote; "With only two augers available, I figured I’d help the cause the only way I knew how. I grabbed my graph, a rod rigged with a Lindy Fat Boys ice jig and a scoop. The holes were all the same from what I could see from the surface, and I knew all had the potential to produce or Sundin and Thelen wouldn’t have drilled them. So I cleared ice from the nearest hole, turned on my Humminbird and slid the transducer into the hole. What showed up on the screen brought surprise and delight. I was ..." read article >> Bluegils Throughout The Ice Season image of Jon Thelen with large Bluegill
image denotes question from a reader (1/15) Handheld GPS For Winter - Steve Sykes asks; "I was wondering what you use for a GPS in the winter time? ... read more >> Handheld GPS For Winter

image denotes question from a reader (1/11) Sand Lake Walleye Fishing - A Question from Nick Hagness; "I'm heading up there on Friday to fish Sand. I'm hoping the warm up will energize the walleyes. Do you ever get reports for Sand? What type of ... learn more >> Fishing Sand Lake

image of Jeff Samsell with big crappie on ice

Jeff Samsel wrapped his year with; "A Dozen Delightful Days". In it, the writer from Clarkesville Georgia counts a day in the Grand Rapids area among his favorite fishing experiences of the past year.
"I quickly forgot about my nine bonus hours in MSP airport after I got on the ice. The first crappie came moments after I dropped a line in a hole, and the crappie/sunfish action never let up." Read More >> A Dozen Delightful Days

image denotes question from reader (1/1) A question posted to facebook on Wednesday piqued my interest, so it's re-posted here with permission. I caught this fish while I was ice fishing, but I've never seen one before. What is it and are they good to eat?
image of Rock Bass
A) The Rock Bass, AKA "Goggle Eye" like the one you have here can be a very desirable fish. Opinions vary depending on where you catch them, but they do have a loyal following among many anglers.
For every ten anglers who won't touch them, there is someone who loves them! In fact, I have some fishing customers who are very fond of Rock Bass and will go out of their way to catch and bag them.
They are very scrappy fighters and in some lakes, they'll grow to 13 inches, maybe more. As far as eating, under most circumstances, they are very much like eating a Crappie.
The specimen in your photo looks healthy and plump; I don't believe that eating this fish present a problem at all.
The Rock Bass have heavy rib bones, making them harder to clean and less desireable in some peoples view.
They can, in some waters, also develop unpleasant looking skin blemishes. Anglers who have encountered this, tend to hold it against all of the "Goggle Eyes" everywhere.
Once, we fished with a large group of men and one of the guides, with his fishermen caught and brought back dozens of Rock Bass from Cass Lake. The fish and the fillets were beautiful and when we used them to prepare a very large shore lunch, they received rave reviews.
I would definitely hold off on making a final judgement until after you give them a try, then make up your own mind. If you like 'em, you will find lots of good fishing territory and have most of it to yourself.

image of caricature of jeff sundin Auger Wars: Update (2014) For everyone who's been wondering; the Nils auger that I wrote about last week did an impressive job on its first fishing trip this Tuesday.
I ordered mine from Cabela’s on line where the item description is a wee bit confusing. So it wasn’t until after I had already ordered the unit that I fully understood how the Nils augers are marketed.
When you order one, you are going to receive a hand auger. That’s what they make, that’s all that they make, hand augers. Yes, there is an engine, a very good one, but that is sold as an accessory. The engine comes separately and includes all of the tools and adapters you'll need to fit it to the auger. Mine was very easy to assemble.
On the ice, it appears that the Tanaka engine is going to be a little bit cold blooded. Starting the motor after a pause lasting more than a few minutes required using the choke to start it. But start it did and when it's running, it sounds great. It has a lower pitch sound than most augers I've used, very business-like and easy on the ears.
Drilling holes with this auger was literally effortless. The 6 inch blades cut with the speed of the Lazer style blades that I used to use, but without the sensation that I'm being dragged into the hole behind it. Granted, the blades are new, smaller and the ice is only 15 inches thick, but I think that this auger is going to be really fun to use.
For years, I’d been intrigued by augers that drill smaller holes. For someone who spends most of the time fishing for Panfish, the 6 inch holes are perfect. They are large enough to pull a fish out even when the transducer is still in the hole. That said; I can see the time coming when I will want the extra size of an 8 inch hole. At some point, I will add the 8 inch size to my arsenal and be ready for any scenario.
Now, let’s see how she holds up. Learn More >> Auger Wars
image denotes question from a reader (12/5) "Hello Jeff. I'm looking to buy a handheld GPS unit for Xmas for my dad. Once a year we go to big Winne, and fish open water. Whenever we can, we fish hard water here in Wisconsin.
I'm looking to get a unit that we can use to start marking spots where we find structure, catch fish, etc. I would assume if I wanted detailed lake maps of Minnesota and Wisconsin I would have to buy that after correct?
Don't need the most expensive on the market but I would like a decent unit that will help is ultimately catch more fish.
A) While I'm thinking this one over, I wish that you would weigh in with your ideas too. Do me a favor and check the post (12-5) on the Fishing Reports Minnesota page and then add your ideas to the discussion.

image of ice auger on ice

Auger Wars? NO! Just Drilling For Answers

When the going gets tough, some augers quit going.
We found that severe cold temperatures worked against our 4 Stroke models, idling them just when we needed them most.
Sundin says; "Luckily, every manufacturer has some tried and true models, machines that have been around for a while and have a proven track record. I believe that there are plenty of good choices out there. Answering a reader's question forced me into ... >> Drilling Down Answers About Augers .

image denotes fishing question from reader (10/29) Kevin Scott asks about Ice Fishing Line; "Hey Jeff, I have a question for you! I am re-spooling my "ice fishing" reels and what do you feel is the best fishing line out there for my panfish reels and also my walleye and perch reels? There are many options so hoping you can give your thoughts.
A) Kevin, I use and love Lindy's Ice Line. I have 2 lb test on my panfish rods and 5 lb test on my Walleye rods. I've suggested it to people before and sometimes they report that it can be tricky to find at local tackle shops. I checked Lindy's website and at the moment, they say that it's out of stock.
A very good alternative is to use a line produced by Silver Thread that they call "Silver Thread Trout". It's a copolymer line that resists being saturated by the water, making it much less likely to freeze up during the cold weather.
The Silver Thread is readily available online through the Lurenet website so here's a link to Silver Thread Trout fishing line.


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