image denotes link to fish rapper article From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson (February 11); "With the arrival of our latest cold snap, the Crappie bite suddenly came to a screeching halt. Last weekend saw temperatures in the high twenties and even the low thirties. This made for comfortable fishing conditions and the fish seemed willing to cooperate. By Sunday the wind was blowing up to thirty miles per hour with light snow but the fish were still willing. An insect hatch occurred on Saturday night, covering the bottom four feet on my flasher screen. With that the Crappie shut down and moved out. Sunday afternoon before the main body of the storm arrived, the fish began feeding hard. That was the best Crappie fishing I’ve ... Read >> Frontier Sports Fishing Report

image denotes fishing question from a reader Q&A Minnesota Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Q) Brandon Watson wrote; "Hey Jeff; How is it determined what lakes are stocked with fry and what lakes with fingerlings. Also, what is the benefit to each? Thanks!"
A) Brandon, survivability is the primary benefit of stocking Walleye fingerlings. Panfish, especially Sunfish can be devastating to a freshly stocked batch of Walleye fry. It is the larger size of the fingerlings that protects them from being destroyed by small predator fish.
Fingerlings are also used for supplemental, early fall stocking of some lakes where natural populations of Walleye need a boost.  There are other instances where using fingerlings would be desirable too and one could ask; "Why not just forget about fry stocking and use fingerlings for all of our stocking needs?" The problem is that Mother Nature complicates things and growing Walleye fry to fingerling size is ... Read >> Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Fish Ed Ice Fishing 2 Episodes;

"Host Jon Thelen shares some of his proven tips and tactics for icing Bluegills outside of the weedline. But first, Jon is joined by Jeff Sundin who and the duo shares ice-fishing techniques that will help you put more Perch on the ice. The " Watch Video >> Fish ED TV Episode 207 Bluegill Fishing and Perch Talking


image links to fishing article

10 Ways To Know You're Dating A Fisherman - Wired2Fish

If you’re already in a relationship with a fisherman, you’ll certainly relate to this. If you’re thinking about dating a fisherman, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Dating or being married to a fisherman takes a special kind of person; we’re a fiercly passionate and straight-shooting breed of outdoorsmen. While some men might attend a nice ... Read >> 10 Ways To Know You're Dating A Fisherman

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report February 10, 2016 - Lake of the Woods Walleye Fishing

Lake of the Woods Walleyes are still alive and well. At least that's the indication we've seen in the areas we've been fishing this week.
Our long snowmobile ride into the upper reaches of Minnesota territory had me convinced on Monday that there had to be an easier way to catch a Walleye. But I do have to admit, the fishing has made it worth the effort.
Walleye action has been steady, with extended morning and evening peaks that last a couple of hours on each end of the day. Jigging spoons like the Rattl'n Flyer produce consistent action, while dead stick presentations provide a better chance at trophy size fish. Subtle, soft bottom structure appears to be better than the more obvious mid-lake bars and reefs that would typically attract my attention. Thanks to friends who pointed us in the right direction from the lodge, focusing on break lines where hard sand drops into deeper mud allowed us to get on fish quickly. In their experience, water depths of about 28 feet were best and from what I've seen, they were spot on in their assessment.
Travel conditions on the lake are less than ideal, snowmobiles and track vehicles are about the only way to get out to the areas we've traveled. If you're set up for it though, the timing could be pretty good. We still have a few snowmobile rides ahead of us, but I'll be back with more updates for the upcoming weekend.

image of Walleye in ice fishing hole

Helping your fellow fishermen and women stay abreast of the ice conditions in your area is good for everybody and it's easier than you think!

Fishing Reports Minnesota is the Facebook counterpart to this page and it's open to the public. So be like me, become a duly deputized "Cub Reporter" and post your own pics and comments. It's good for fishing! Click >>

image says become a duly deputized Cub Reporter

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" (February 9, 2016) - Ice Fishing Report

And the winner is……spoons! That’s the way it’s been going lately in my quest for North Country panfish. About 90% of the time it’s a spoon of some sort that brings a bulging bluegill or slab crappie to the frozen topside.
I use spoons a lot and maybe that’s the main reason I catch so many fish on them. Normally it’s a small-to-medium size spoon that is used on the “first drop.” This is because a larger lure usually is an attention getter and can dictate the mood of fish right off the get go.
If the fish are active, you’ll know it in a hurry, as there will be one on the business end of things right away. This can make for a fun and productive outing, as you can catch and release, picking and choosing the fish you wish to ... Read >> Greg's Guide Lines 2-9-16

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge (February 8); "11 miles off of Pine Island, it is quite a contrast from last year. We still have the majority houses in the one spot covering 2 miles of ice. We have continued to test other areas for better bites and remain on our normal path.
The weather has continued to have ups and downs. The barometer seems to go with it. So the bite continues to be sporadic. Mixed reports from house to house, those doing well have been actively working their baits all day. We have stuck with the same trend all year, smaller baits or plain hooks have been the best approach.
We had 38 degrees this morning and calm, which turned into blowing wind and snow for the rest of the day. It is supposed to blow (on Monday) and then dip below zero for Tuesday. Let’s not try to predict past that point today." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image of Gus' Place Logo Gus' Place Resort, Ball Club Lake (February 4, 2016); "We are still holding great ice fishing conditions on the lake with 16-17 inches of clear ice and about 3 inches of crusty snow. The low snow pack on the lake makes for easy driving conditions allowing access to all parts of the lake.
The only info change in recent trends to my posts here is that we are catching fish much deeper. The “bite zone” is best from 28-32 feet for Perch, Walleye and Northerns using live minnows.
Last weekend a few limits of Crappie were caught in 45 feet. The Crappie bite is not an all-day event with the mornings being the best time, same is true for the Walleye. It's a great time to fish, we have warm cabins available, give us a call if you're tired of fighting crowds". - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

image of Crappies on the ice
image denotes link to fish rapper article From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson (February 4); "Last weekend saw a resurgence of anglers out on the area lakes. While some of the larger lakes have been having slush issues, the smaller more difficult to reach lakes were in good shape and were producing nice catches of Crappie and Sunfish. The warmer temperatures and light winds made for comfortable fishing conditions and for those who went back into the small and often lightly fished waters of this area, did quite well.
Crappies have been ... Read>> Frontier Sports Ice Fishing Report February 4, 2016

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Cutfoot Sioux, Eagle Nest Lodge, Bryan Harris (February 4, 2016); "Well, fishing was slow over the weekend.  And the ice doesn't seem to be getting thicker.  Little Cutfoot only had 10", so still walking out.  Big Cutfoot has 12-14".  Winnie seems to be around 14".  6" of crusty snow on top.  Maybe things will pick up this weekend.  We have 2 cabins available this weekend." Eagle Nest Lodge 218-246-8701

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort (Jan. 6, 2016); "The crappie bite has been really good. that 24 to 30 feet. Green and blue was the color this last weekend. Even a fair amount of walleyes caught along the way in these depths. So far ice conditions are good. there was a few slush spots on the north end. But as far as where my houses are that has all clear up with the colder weather. So for the most part ice is good but never safe." - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report February 3, 2016 - Working Better Under Pressure?

That phrase is one that I hear a lot, that's because it applies to me. I always do my best work under pressure and folks who know me, love pointing it out too. That’s because they've watched the self-appointed "Magi Of Multi-Tasking" in action. Juggling flopping fish, re-baiting hooks, steering the boat and watching the Humminbird all at the same time; oh and firing up a stogie while I'm at it too!
Take the pressure off though and I can turn sort of worthless, slipping into a laissez a faire attitude about fishing, caring little about whether I catch anything or not.
Fish work better under pressure too and one event that makes anglers shiver is a falling barometer. Something about that tends to slip fish out of feeding mode and sends them into the depths for nappy time.
That's my best guess about what happened on ... Read Report >>> Working Better Under Pressure?

image links to ice fishing article
image links to crappie fishing article

Panfish Micro Meals: Lindy Land, Article Dan Johnson

Panfish including crappies, sunfish and yellow perch may eat a variety of foods, but they often dine on tiny aquatic animals collectively called zooplankton.
Understanding a bit about these micro meals can help you put more panfish on ice.
Microscopic zooplankton are building blocks of the underwater food chain. They feed on single-cell plants known as ... Read Article >> Panfish Micro Meals: Lindy Land, Article Dan Johnson

image denotes link to fish rapper article Near Duluth, Cub Reporter, Staff #007 Steve Sykes (February 2, 2016); Slush Problems On Duluth Area Lakes

"I went back to the lake in the Brimson area that I commented about on January 27th. As filled with slush as it was then, it was even worse this weekend. There was actually less ice that the previous week too. There was only 10 inches of ice and the whole lake was slush. I stood in it and walked in it because the fish were biting but I am not sure how much longer I would feel safe walking on it."
Reprinted from January 28, 2016; Sykes says; "Not all of the lakes in the Duluth region are this bad; there's heavier snow cover on lakes in the Brimson area and it's the lakes in that area have the most slush. I can't believe how little ice there is for this time of year, makes me wonder if that will make for an early ice out."

image of Erin Budrow with nice sunfish

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" (February 1, 2016) - Ice Fishing Report

I’m finally able to get out and go fishing by myself, as my foot/ankle problems have subsided to the point where now it’s only slightly painful and I can walk without the aid of crutches. What a relief! What was wrong? Well, let’s say it was a myriad of problems all rolled into one.
The first solo trip had me thinking it wasn’t going to happen. My truck had been sitting for weeks in the back yard so when I walked down in the morning darkness to fire it up, I first had to >> Greg's Guidelines February 1

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report February 1, 2016 - Busy Weekend at the "Sunny Hole"

I guess that this was the first weekend of the winter that nice weather combined with the absence of a football game, gave ice anglers a really good excuse to get outside and fish. From my vantage point, it appeared that many of them were rewarded with good fishing to boot.
Bluegill fishing around the Grand Rapids area has been reliable for a couple of weeks now and I wondered if heavier weekend fishing pressure might be the trigger that could slow the action down. The fish shrugged off the heavy traffic though and ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report February 1, 2016

image of joelle bellamyu holding nice bluegill

Fish Ed Ice Fishing 2 Episodes; Big Stone Lake Perch Plus Prime Time Walleye Action

"Host Jon Thelen shares some of his proven ice-fishing techniques that will put more Walleyes and Perch on the ice." Watch Video >> Big Stone Lake Perch Plus Prime Time Walleye Action


image denotes link to fish rapper article From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge (February 1); "We have been in the 8 miles off of Pine Island area and the action has been holding steady. There have been many Sauger mixed with Walleye. Plenty of eater fish for a fresh dinner and take home limits. The action has had some peaks and valleys with one day having great morning action and another day in the afternoon. Anglers with the best success have been actively jigging even during the slow times. Best approach is to use one line as an active jig stick and the other as a dead stick with a lively minnow. The dead stick works great with a plain hook or a drop shot on a slip bobber.
The plowed road is in great shape. Take your pick, have us take you out to the houses or drive yourself. We have been trying to stick to our traditional path, that is to say the same path we have been doing for almost 30 years. Although, this year it has been difficult as we have been getting more and more traffic from all sides. It is sort of funny to think, with over 300,000 acres of water on the Minnesota side more traffic keeps closing in.
Typically in the beginning of February we split our houses to have some set up in areas with different bottom structure. For this year it is uncertain that will happen. So far there has been no need to find more action. And preliminary reports from those other areas have not given us anything to be excited about, yet.
We are ready for this week’s setup into Super Bowl 50, we will be keeping an eye on the big game but we will stick to what we do best, fishing!
The weather has been up and down this past week. Temperatures went into the 40’s yesterday. We still have plenty of snow cover and there are single digits to slightly below zeros in the forecast this week." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image of Gus' Place Logo Ball Club Lake Gus' Place Resort (Jan. 29, 2016); "Conditions are very favorable on Ball Club Lake at this time with 14-16 inches of good ice topped off with 6 inches of crusty snow.
Walleye have been on the bite early and late afternoon in 20-22 ft. Perch and Northern are also active, but shallower. Live baits are producing the best catches. Crappie and Bluegill fishing has been slow.
Last week I mentioned that our customers have been catching some nice White Fish. Since that report I have had many inquiries on the fishing method for these fish.
Yes, I know it comes as a surprise to many readers that there are anglers who are looking for something other than Walleye, but it is true. There are fishermen who fish for other species. Personally I think any fish that bites is worth catching, but that’s probably because I enjoy ‘catching’. Even a Carp in a warmer southern lake will provide an exciting catch.
A good place to start looking for White Fish this time of year is 25-35 feet. They swim in large schools and do not stay in one place for long periods. They usually swim mid-range in the water column. Watch your electronics for sudden, multiple signals and look for what you would consider a school of fish below you.
You should have your ice fishing rods rigged with a small ice jig and a minnow part. Silver is a good jig color. White Fish have small, straight forward mouths and they like to pick up the bait on the drop. Use a drop and hold jig method until you get to the bottom, reel up and start over.
Watch for and interruption in the rate of fall as you drop the jig and be ready to make a hook set. The school will pass through after a few minutes and you will have to wait till the next one comes along.
Who knows, you will probably catch a walleye along the way whether you want to or not." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

image links to news story about man catching fish in all 50 states

Angler Catches a Fish in All 50 States news January 29, 2016

"He had always liked fishing, but his adventures didn’t often lead him out of his native state of Virginia. While at a Las Vegas bachelor party in 2007, he didn’t feel like doing the “normal” Vegas activities. Instead, he hired a fishing guide for the first time in his life and has been hooked ever since.
Howard chronicled his journey on his ... Read More >> Angler Catches Fish In All 50 States

image denotes link to Pines Resort on Lake Winnie On Lake Winnibigoshish John Seekon, The Pines Resort (Jan. 27, 2016); "The Perch fishing in Tamarack Bay continues to be productive. For most of the winter, the most reliable water depth has been 12 to 15 feet of water. Ice fishermen who have tried both shallower and deeper have wound up coming back into the 12-15 foot safe zone. Glow white and chartreuse are the best lure colors and right now, minnows are far better than wax worms. As always, mobility is key for perch fishing."
For Pines Resort customers, there's a network of plowed roads that provide coverage over most of Tamarack Bay. Contact The Pines Resort for lodging and ice shelter rentals on Lake Winnibigoshish .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 28, 2016 - Perch Patterns; Transition To Mid-Winter

The last thing I could say about ice fishing conditions on Wednesday was that they were hospitable.
A stiff wind combined with just enough snow to hamper visibility complicated travel on the ice. Digging in your heels and leaning backward to brace your portable fishing shelter from blowing over isn’t all that much fun either. But I’m still glad that I went fishing.
I’m glad because even if it was a little more complicated than usual, it was my first really good mid-winter Perch trip of the season.
It did take 5 stops before I figured out a good spot and even then I didn’t find huge numbers of fish. What I did find though was a nice school of quality size fish; the kind you get when you’re the first one on a fresh spot.
The location was typical of what you’ve probably fished before. It was a mid-lake bar that topped off at about 18 feet and was surrounded by deeper water, 25-30 feet, with a soft silt/mud bottom.
On Wednesday, the fish were located ... read >> Ice Fishing Report January 28, 2016

image of lake map showing fisning location

image denotes link to fish rapper article Near Duluth, Cub Reporter, Staff #007 Steve Sykes; "When I was fishing this Sunday I had to walk a ½ mile through knee deep slush to get to the crappie hole, which wasn’t much fun."
Sykes says; "Not all of the lakes in the Duluth region are this bad; there's heavier snow cover on lakes in the Brimson area and it's the lakes in that area have the most slush. I can't believe how little ice there is for this time of year, makes me wonder if that will make for an early ice out."
Sykes ended on a happy note for fish lovers; "I finally used the grill mat I was telling you about for preapring the Crappies I caught on Sunday and they were great.
I coated the filets with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon pepper and squeezed some lemon on them, then cooked them on the grill for 4 minutes, each side and they turned out perfect. I would recommend this as another great way to cook your catch."

Wired2Fish January 27, 2016 Angler Faces $24k Fine for Too Many Bluegills

"73-year-old Stanley Paalksnis from Onalaska, Wisc. could potentially have to pay a $24,682 fine for keeping too many bluegills while fishing on Lake Onalaska and the Mississippi River.
An undercover DNR officer watched the angler keep 22 bluegills and 5 unidentified fish the morning of November 4. Paalksnis fished again that afternoon and ... Read >> Angler Faces $24k Fine for Too Many Bluegills

image of fisherman holding bluegill

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Lake Winnibigoshish Dixon Lake Resort (Jan. 27, 2016); Had a lot of action on the nice Jumbo Perch this past weekend. Best action was out in 16 to 20 Feet of water, but there were fish up close out to our spear houses in 7 to 9ft of water too. Customers did get some walleyes, a few crappies and Northerns as well, mainly in shallow water." - Dixon Lake Resort has shelter rentals, including sleepers. Reservations 218-659-4612 .

image of woman ice fishing on Bowstring Lake

image links to trails end resort (1/26) From Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort; "The ice conditions on Bowstring have improved; we now have 12" to 16" of solid ice. With the warm up, there was packing of the snow and it is now becoming safer for travel. There are still some pockets of slush out there, so off-road travel should be accomplished using ATV's or Snowmobiles. For pickup trucks, we have good roads leading to Crappies and Perch.
Crappies were the hot bite this past weekend and we think that as long as we continue to see cloudy skies, Crappie action will continue to be hot.
Perch have begun leaving shoreline structure and some schools can be found traveling throughout the lake. Finding mid-lake structure will be your best bet Perch and Walleyes. Finding the steep drop-offs both on the shoreline and in the mid-lake is where you will probably find the Crappies!"
Check out our NEW Packages Page, Pizza Delivery, and Cabin rates. - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" (January 26, 2016) - Ice Fishing Report

Armed to the teeth, with fishing rods, electronics, and tackle, a group of eighteen anglers made their way from all-parts Nebraska to the backwoods of Itasca county, Minnesota for two days of fishing with Justin Bailey’s Guide Service.
Having been in the “guide game” for nearly thirty years, I was excited to get out there to help Justin out. I’ve had large groups before and a little assistance is usually ... Read >> Greg's Guidelines Januaray 26, 2016

image of man holding perch

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge (January 25); "We have just started to allow drive outs the past few days. We are working hard on getting the plowed road open to full potential, now that we are able to get the plows on the lake. Ice thickness still varies from 14 to 17 inches.
We have made another move further out putting us 6 to 8 miles off of Pine Island. Fishing has been strong the last few days! We have started seeing more nice walleyes come in, as well as saugers.
We recommend using electronics like Vexilars as they definitely increase your chances.
We have had a warm up in weather the past few days with a few light flurries. The week ahead shows temps in the 20’s with snow possible." 800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 24, 2016 - Panfish Action ReliableIce Access Remains Good

Despite gusty winds, anglers were out in force on Grand Rapids area lakes this Saturday. Luckily, the snow cover is light and there’s good, solid ice good on most lakes. So even though there was some drifting of snow during this breezy day, it wasn't enough to cause any major setbacks and overall, ice remains good.
It has become common to see vehicles on most lakes now, even deep water, slow freezing ones like Pokegama in Grand Rapids. There are a number of anglers like me, still ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 24, 2016

image links to crappie fishing report

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/21) Q&A From Tim Bates; Ice Access On Lake Winnibigoshish

Q) "I have a good friend coming up to fish on Winnie this weekend and he is wondering if he is going to be able to tow his fish house out on to the ice with his truck. Is there a place you recommend he put in given he wants to fish Winnie?
A) Yes, generally speaking, access to the ice on Lake Winnibigoshish is fantastic right now. As of this week, there are several resorts and rental operators that have roads plowed. Which access is best for him depends on the area he would prefer to fish.
The list of numbered spots on the map shows most of the popular points of entry onto Winnie. Of the 9 that are listed, there are 4 key accesses, each of which provide ... Read >> Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Access

image of lake map winnibigoshish

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 22, 2015 - "The Earth Needs Plastic"

Those words were originally spoken by comedian George Carlin during one of his stand up rants. This one was about the human search for "the meaning of life" and in it, he speculated that the only reason humans inhabit this planet is because "the earth needs plastic".
On Thursday, all I was trying to do was make a quick afternoon trip to the “Sunny Hole”. My hope was to learn something about where the fish were located and whether they were active, if I was lucky, maybe I’d even ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 22, 2016

image of crappie on ice

image of Gus' Place Logo (1/21) Gus' Place Resort, Ball Club Lake; "We have 13 inches of good ice in front of the resort, but the ice thickness varies and caution should be taken for truck travel. Most travel on this lake is still ATV & snowmobiles. The snow cover is 5-6 inches deep with some light drifting and no reports of slush.
This past week the cold weather has kept some of the anglers off the lake and I think the cold has slowed down the previously good bite we are seeing for perch, northern and walleye.
Anglers have been doing well with live bait in 20 feet for walleye mostly early and late afternoon while the perch and northern are quite active throughout mid-day. Look for the perch and northern a little shallower in 16-18 feet. There are reports of nice 20 inch whitefish being caught in 25-30 feet with jigs and minnow parts. The whitefish are picking up on the drop using a drop and hold movement till you get to the bottom, reel up and start over. All fishing is being done alone the drop-offs. The season is just getting started and we hope to see you out there.
Oh, by the way, we have plenty of warm, comfortable cabins at the end of your fishing day to kick back in, cook your catch and have a great night’s sleep in a real bed." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort (Jan. 21, 2016); "Finding ice to be in that 12 to 14 inches of ice. Most everyone has switch to pickup travel. the crappies bite has been very good down on the north end in that 26 feet of water. And the walleye and perch have also been good off of perch point and bikini bar in 26 feet. Gold and the neon green seems what work best this last weekend. They have been using the north access and so far has been ok. Please use caution on any access or lake There is Never Safe ice." - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .
*Editors Note About Bowstring Lake: The snow cover on Bowstring is heavier than it is on many other area lakes this season. That's made the ice conditions tricky to predict this winter. There are areas of the lake that will support vehicle traffic, but there are also areas that should be avoided. We were fishing out there yesterday and found one spot where the ice was only about 9 inches thick. That, combined with the occurance of slush pockets, means that we'll be sticking with the snowmobiles for a while.
Exploring fresh territory can be fun, but not the territory below the ice! If you are driving around out there, exercise extreme caution and stick with plowed roads or well traveled areas.
image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/21) From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson (Jan. 21, 2016); "Last weekend saw temperatures plummeting down into the high twenties, below zero. Consequently the fishing slowed to a crawl for most anglers. Reports I’ve received about the area lakes have been a mixed bag. Panfish became quite finicky, even more so than usual. Walleye fishing has been equally slow. Pike fishing however was fairly good on most lakes in the area. Last weekend was the winter trout opener and as expected even trout fishing was slow. Lake Trout were very slow in this area but some of the designated stream trout lakes produced some limits. There …… That’s the bad news. Good news is in line for this weekend. Much warmer temperatures and relatively light winds should turn things around in a hurry. Ice conditions as always vary from lake to lake. The larger deeper lakes have only had full ice for about three to four weeks and ice thickness on these lakes can run from eight to perhaps twelve inches, maybe a little more. I haven’t seen any vehicles out on the lakes and this precaution is advised. While snowmobiles and wheelers are getting around on the lakes, anglers should wait a little while longer before driving on the ice. Be safe and good luck!"
Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 218-832-3901 or Email .

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/20) Q&A From Robert; Finding Good Fishing In A Sleeper House For Rent?

Q) "Hi Jeff, we've never met but I've been following your fishing reports for quite a while.  I have a cabin on (withheld) lake, the one with the awesome image of fish smiley fishing. 
I am new to ice fishing, and have an abnormal fear of the ice.  Anyways, I have a strong desire to catch walleye through the ice.  I don't need to fill a cooler, but would like a nice meal worth of walleye.  BTW, I like perch as much if not more than walleye. 
I would really like to line up a trip for me and a buddy of mine, a younger guy who does some work for me at my cabin; we’ve become friends. He loves his family of 6 and will do anything for them. So I really want to have an overnight experience in a sleeper house; something I've never done and I'd like to be put on some serious fishing with my pal too. What do you suggest? 
BTW, thank you for all the great fishing reports.  I think it's great how you network with the various sources to give a regional report." - Robert
A) Great question Robert! In my opinion, every fisherman should experience ice fishing from multiple points of view. It's fun to fish out in the open, on the ice. But it's equally fun using a ... Read >> Good Fishing In A Sleeper Rental

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 19, 2016 - North Central Minnesota Ice Conditions

The last few days have been extra lucky for me. That's because coping with our first real cold blast of 2016 has been made a lot easier by the availabilty of plowed roads, good ice and decent fishing action.
I can't say that there are many "super hot bites" going on, but for us, the action has been good enough to provide fish for a meal after each outing.
On Lake Winnibigoshish, a combination of plowed roads and light snow cover has allowed us to ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 19, 2015

image of plowed road on winnibigoshish

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/18) From Leech Lake, Austin Michaud, Shallow Eyes Outdoors; “Fishermen are able to find great lake access through Trappers Landing and here at Horseshoe Bay Lodge on the main lake. The shores at Pine Point Resort give fishermen great access to the Walker narrows, Pine Point, Goose Island, the Hardwoods and the Duck Points. The Walker City park and Erikson’s Landing give fisherman access to the south and north end of Walker Bay.
Advise fishermen that there are a few ice heaves in Walker Bay and on the main lake that they should travel with caution around. The main accesses on Leech have some plowed roads but the snow depth is low enough that you can get around with a vehicle and recreational vehicle.
The average ice depth is 12 to 16 inches! If fishermen want to proceed with trucks and fish houses, they should know to check the ice first and make sure they have an adequate amount to drive on. Recommended fish house rental is through J&K Marine in Walker.   They rent brand new Yeti fish houses! They provide day rentals and overnight sleeper houses that can sleep 4 to 5 guys.
Walker Bay has been the most productive for walleyes during the early morning and late evening hours on the deeper humps and deep under water points. The main lake walleyes have been a little more hit and miss but the fish out there are bigger and the fishermen get a night long bite. The perch bite on Hardwoods and Duck points has been picking up!" Austin Michaud, Shallow Eyes Outdoors, 218-507-0779 or 218-547-2283 (Horseshoe Bay Lodge) 

image of crappies of fillet table

image links to trails end resort (1/18) From Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort; "THE ICE IS NOT SAFE IN AREAS ON THE LAKE. We see truck travel from the North Access, but do not know the conditions of the ice up there.
Informed anglers are cautious anglers. As, unpredictable as the ice is, at this time, driving 20+ mph across the ice, in a truck, creates a dangerous situation for everyone on the ice. When driving that fast, especially on ice that may only be 8", it creates a wave of water under the ice that may ruin the ice for the rest of the season. Anyone doing this is putting, not only their own lives, but the lives of anyone on the ice in danger of going through. NO FISH IS WORTH THAT!
What we know is, we have 8-14" out there with some BIG slush pockets. However, we have plowed roads out to a few fishing holes with safe roads, but to wander off the roads, it may only be 8" in spots. Proceed with CAUTION!!!!
Prior to this cold snap the bite was good. Since we had a low last night of -26, fishing has been slower, but if you take the time, they will bite. Don't be afraid to move to find them, just be cautious with vehicle travel. We cannot stress that enough!!!"
Check out our NEW Packages Page, Pizza Delivery, and Cabin rates. - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/18) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Another cold batch of weather hit us this weekend. We are starting to see some ice thickness in the teens of inches, although it is not consistent everywhere. The last we checked the ice in the bay was still around the 11 inch mark. We are still taking people out, although we hope soon we will be going full swing with the plowed road so everyone has options.
We have moved further out and have had really strong action! 4-6 miles north of Pine Island was a definite increase in action from areas closer to Pine Island.
We have been still going with the smaller presentations and no particular color has been better. A plain hook with a split shot weight works great with an active minnow. Fathead minnows have been all that is necessary. If you are not familiar with the normal Lake of the Woods tackle it would be best to have gold and or glow red. Brighter colors are better than dark, and it is generally good to have something that rattles. Actively jigging one stick while have an active minnow on a dead stick is a great tactic. Electronics like a Vexilar definitely increase your chances. Underwater cameras are difficult to provide quality images as the water tends to be dark.
The week ahead shows temps to be forecasted in the single digits to 20’s above zero." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/18) Cutfoot Sioux, Bryan Harris Eagle Nest Lodge; "Cutfoot Sioux now has about a foot of good ice. Guests have found walleyes on the bar and crappies in little Cutfoot and McAvity Bay. We're starting to see bigger perch, too!
Our 3 big log cabins are open for winter business (2- 4 bedroom cabins and 1- 5 bedroom cabin), and our fish cleaning house is heated and has running water. But we don't keep lodge hours in the winter. Our guests are kind of on their own. I don't plow roads or rent fish houses. Most of our guys use snowmobiles or 4-wheelers to access Cutfoot from the resort. Our rates are $50/adult per night and $25/kid (K-12) per night, with a $125/night minimum." - Eagle Nest Lodge 218-246-8701

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/18) Cutfoot Sioux, Evan Nelson, Wililams Narrows Resor; "We now have ten plus inches out on Cutfoot and the fish are active. You do have to move around and find the active school but when you do the fish are nice! Seeing a lot of 11 to 14 inch slabs and a few nice gills mixed in. Walleyes are tough but the perch bite on Winnie is starting to turn on. The weather next weekend looks great with temps approaching 30 degrees." - We still have cabins available, call Evan Nelson, Wililams Narrows Resort 218-766-1891

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 15, 2016 - North Central Minnesota Ice Conditions

For most Minnesotans, a reminder that winter has arrived isn't any big news. But anglers who have been waiting for a chance to get their vehicles onto safe ice are more than a little interested in what's gtoing on out there and where.
Thankfully, first hand reports from folks on Leech Lake, Cass Lake and Lake Winnie have been coming in so fast that I can't keep up with them. Here's what I can get posted so far and I promise that I'll get the rest of them posted by tomorrow morning.

image of pickup truck on ice

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Leech Lake, Oak Point Resort, Steamboat Bay; "I just cut some wholes today and came up with 15” of ice. We just started driving vehicles last Thurs. The snow is starting to play havoc getting around the lake though.  I’m not sure what the rest of the lake is like but I’m pretty sure nobody else is driving on the lake yet, if you’re smart. We are set up for spear fishing but some people do angle as well. Our customers are seeing perch but mostly too small to keep. Yesterday one of our customers speared a 221b, 42” northern and spearing was some of the best they have had. Today was different, they just were not moving.
We haven’t seen Panfish so far, usually that happens later during the season." - Lee Nupson, Oak Point Resort (218) 335-2993

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Leech Lake, SPIRIT OF THE NORTH RESORT; "Leech lake is good right now , Main lake  good thick ice trucks and fish houses are going all over , Walker bay is still not ready for full size trucks ( 4 wheelers and sleds ) 10 to 12 inches , bite has been good jig/minnow  sun rise and sun set are best times . Perch are biting good, but you’ll need to sort through a lot of small ones. Come enjoy the lake with us!" - SPIRIT OF THE NORTH RESORT (800) 516-0077

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Leech Lake, Adventure NORTH RESORT; "On the West side of Trader’s Bay, at Pine Point, Adventure North Resort has cabin rentals with heated ice houses available for our resort guests.  With 12” – 14” of good ice and 4” of snow cover our guests have been driving out for over a week.  Throughout the day anglers have been bringing in keeper perch and plenty of Northern pike. The walleye bite hits about 5 pm, so be out there ready to fish until at least 7 pm for the evening walleyes.  Ice access for guests only, no day or sleeper house rental available." - Adventure NORTH RESORT (800) 294-1532

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Sah Kah Tay Resort, Cass Lake, Sue Marchant; "We have had several groups in this last week – it seems we have about 14” of ice in this south end of Cass lake, the guys are driving out there with their pickups. Fishing is kinda slow in the main south  bay but over in the kettle(east of Stoney point) in the weeds my guests did really well with perch, northern and a dandy walleye 27”.  You had to be patient but they got plenty.  I know some of my guys are going to pike bay and the ice is 14-16” there and the bite is very active but they are only bringing in the small ones, less than 9”mostly." - Sah Kah Tay Resort, Cass Lake, Sue Marchant (218) 335-2424

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Lake Winnibigoshish, Doug at Becker's Resort;"We have 14 to 15 inches of good ice off Trappers drive landing. We have a number of ice heaves that are still moving and it is difficult to get out to Sugar bar. We are finding perch in 12 to 16 ft  out on the the flats." Beckers Resort, Lake Winnibigoshish - (218) 665-2268

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Lake Winnibigoshish, Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort; "Access is good at this time. We did get about six inches of snow so blowing be tough if the wind picks up. All of the ice we have checked from south shore to The bend is minimum of 16 . Up the east shore drop to Moxey good with the same till the start of the saddle it drops to 14 and a half but that ice every year tips down and gets wet till later in the year. Walley fishing has been ok with early late being best. Dead sticking the norm. Pike on fire. Perch very spotty some deep some shallow." - Lake Winnibigoshish, Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort (218) 665-2222

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/15) Cass Lake, Steve, Julie & Seth Ballou, Break On The Lake Resort; "Ice conditions have finally reached the 12 to 14 inch range on Allen's Bay. We have spear shacks out in the Bay with good success with northerns and angling nice perch in a couple of the houses We have some roads plowed to allow the ice to thicken for truck traffic by this weekend." - Cass Lake, Steve, Julie & Seth Ballou, Break On The Lake Resort (218) 335-2422

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2016 - Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Fishing Report

If you've been holding out for more convenient access to the ice before you venture out, then this first hand report should be happy news for you. Access to Lake Winnibigoshish is excellent, ice conditions are good and travel by pickup truck has become widespread across the entire lake.
Ice thickness currently ranges between 14 and 16 inches, snow cover is minimal and the surface is free of slush. Except for areas of ... Read >> Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Fishing Report January 13

image of pickup truck on ice

image links to DNR News about fishing regulations

News Release - January 12, 2016 Lake Vermilion Fisheries Input Group; Citizens Can Apply

Citizens interested in discussing Lake Vermilion fish and habitat can nominate themselves as volunteers on a newly forming Lake Vermilion Fisheries Input Group. Applications must be completed by Sunday, Jan. 24, and are available at
“We will use the input from the group as we update the Lake Vermilion Fisheries Management Plan,” said Edie Evarts, Tower area fisheries supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “We reserved some seats to be filled by volunteers who... Learn More >> Lake Vermilion Fisheries Input Group

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" (Jan. 12, 2016) - Red Lake Trout Fishing

"Guided by brothers Daris and Davis Rosebear, it would be my second trip to this fantastic stream trout fishery.
I wasn’t too excited about the sub-zero temps but the hungry little trout would more than make up for the cold weather. Now, if we were pursuing other gamefish, like walleye or panfish, I may have been a little concerned, as frontal weather conditions can often make things quite difficult. However, it’s been my experience that trout don’t seem to be affected as much. I was hoping that would be the case here. Our first stop was to ..." Read >> Greg's Guidelines January 12, 2016

image links to trout fishing article

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 12, 2015 - Ice Fishing Flighty Bluegills, "No Waiting On Line 2"

You would think that by now, I'd have this fishing thing fairly well dialed in, but I don't. I still learn something new every time I go out, like this little trick I just picked up while I was fishing for Bluegills.
It started while I was fishing near the weedline in about 12 feet of water, over a slight depression where Panfish gather in the winter.
I knew that there were fish there because I could see 'em, not just on my depth finder but with my eyes too. The clear water made it easy for me to see the fish and that boosted my confidence about the location. The problem was that it was easy for the fish to ... Read >> Ice Fishing Bluegills, "No Waiting On Line #2".

image of bluegills on ice

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 11, 2015 - Northern Minnesota Ice Fishing Report

Sunrise in Deer River is scheduled for 8:00 AM. I'll be on the ice to see it, so I can't spend a lot of time on the computer this morning, but here's a quick update. Over the weekend, sub-zero temperatures had an instant effect on stubborn patches of open water and slushy spots that persisted during the past week. At -22°F, the current temperature, ice conditions are ... Read >> Ice Report January 11, 2016

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image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/11) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Finally some cold weather! It is starting to feel more normal for January. We are starting to put some ice on the lake. One house we drilled today is sitting in 27 feet of water and the thickness of ice ranged from 10 1/2 to 12 inches inside the house. We are still providing all transportation to and from the houses.
The bite remains good! Our houses are spread from 27 to 31 feet of water and continue to do well each day.
Typical Lake of the Woods colors gold and glow have been working well, most anglers are still using smaller presentations. Most of the big fish have been caught on a Tom’s Tackle Shiner Eye.
The forecast has some single digit daytime temps and in the teens below for overnights. We are hoping this week’s temperatures will make some ice to allow us to open the plowed road." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image links to trails end resort From Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort (January 9, 2016); "We are looking pretty good up here. We are seeing travel of many sorts out in front of us, but want to remind the fisherman that truck travel is still not very safe and would advise against it until AFTER this weekend (saw someone with a truck out there a couple days ago and crossed fingers that they didn't go through).
We are pushing 10" in spots, but guests found 5" last weekend. Slush still seams to be spotty across the lake, but it's about an inch or two thick. Perch and crappie bite is ok, Walleye bite is better! We are hoping to get our fish houses out by next weekend. Come get your pizza (we deliver too) and check out our packages!". - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 8, 2016 - The Plot is "Thickening" For Ice Fishermen In Minnesota

No matter how much ice your favorite lake has today, we know for sure is that over the next few days, it's definitely gonna get thicker. Overnight lows below zero and single digit daytime highs will combine to force our lakes to succumb to winter in a hurry. Curious about how much ice a lake can make in a few days? Well the only true answer is ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 8, 2016

image of ice fishermen with perch on the ice

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Lake Winnibigoshish, Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort (Jan. 8, 2016); "Pat Rooney, Denny's ResortWe now are finally sitting about 12 inches plus. The bottom end is in the clear ice we made last. There is some rough stuff to go thru but manageable. Walleye and Pike are doing real well. Far north end of Bena bar out thru the humps. 18 to 24 feet of water. Perch spotty mostly deep now at 25 to 35 feet" - Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

image denotes link to fish rapper article Q&A Steve Sykes (Jan. 8, 2016) Packing and Freezing Fish; "I was reading your report the other day and I clicked on the link you posted from Wired2Fish that talked about freezing fish and preparing fish. I am guessing that you fish enough so freezing fish doesn’t happen that often but when you do how do you freeze yours? I usually freeze mine water in a ziplock bag, but like they stated in the video they can get a little mushy. Also they were using grill mats to cook the fish on the BBQ, have you ever used these grill mats for cooking fish? It looked like a good idea."
A) Steve, on one level you're right; these days I don't put very many fish in the freezer at home. But during my days as a licensed fish packer, I pacakged and froze thousands of fish for customers. In my opinion, the "Best Way" to freeze fish is to ... Read >> How To Freeze Fish
image of ice conditions at highbanks on lake winnie

image denotes link to Pines Resort on Lake Winnie On Lake Winnibigoshish, John Seekon, The Pines Resort (Jan. 6, 2016); "The walleye bite has been strong on the main lake bars in 20 to 30 feet, with morning and evening being the best times. The perch are biting around the lake with 12 to 20 feet being the best depth.The ice thickness is currently 10 to 12 inches thick in tamarack bay and 10 to 11 inches on the main lake. Snow depth is 2 to 3 inches on top of the ice." Contact The Pines Resort for lodging and ice shelter rentals on Lake Winnibigoshish .

image of Gus' Place Logo Gus' Place Resort, Ball Club Lake (Jan. 6, 2016); "Ice Conditions On Ball Club Lake"

"As we all know, the ice fishing season has taken a slow start this winter, but it is finally here. Ball Club Lake has 5-6 inches of good fishable ice along the shoreline with the middle remaining unsafe for a bit longer. Anglers are heading out with snowmobiles, ATVs and walking out around the rim of the lake.
The lake has light snow on it with bare patches of good ice and no slush has been reported. Fishermen are reporting good multi-species, mixed bags like the group enclosed in this picture. The fish were taken in 20 feet with shiners at the break.
Next week the weatherman says we will be well below zero in the evenings and it won’t be long before pickups will be going out. Early ice is one of the best times to get out there and fish." Call me anytime for a report on conditions and for cabin reservations. Happy New Year Everyone!" - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

Photo Courtesy Gus' Place Resort, Ball Club Lake

image of fish on ice at Ball Club Lake

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 6, 2015 - Lake Winnie, Upper Red Lake, Ice Fishing Report

On Upper Red Lake, the Walleyes were semi-active for us. The morning run was quite good, providing each of us with steady action until about noon. From noon until 4:30, the fish were scarce, giving us only an occasional chance in the batter's box. That was unfortunate for us, because believing that we'd have ample opportunity to gather fish to eat, we released every fish we caught during the morning. At the end of the day, we drove home without any fish in our creels. That's no big deal, we will be able to Read >> Ice Fishing Report Jan. 6, 2016

image of Walleye on ice with Foo Flyer in mouth

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort (Jan. 6, 2016); "Crappies have been really good on the north end. 26 feet of water. Hook and a crappie minnow has been working well. Walleyes have been good at dark off of perch point and a few of the other bars on the north end of the lake bar." - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" (Jan. 5, 2016) - Ice Fishing Report

Lake conditions are setting up very nicely and anglers are getting out all over the North Country. Caution still has to be observed, depending on the lake, but I see that trucks are on a few bodies of water and wheelers and snowmobiles are a common sight. It’s finally happening folks!
A recent trip to Upper Red Lake had it looking like it normally does. Going out of Roger’s Resort, there was such a hub of activity that it was almost ... Read >> Greg's Guidelines January 5, 2015

image of young men with walleyes on red lake

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/5) From Central Minnesota, Park Rapids & Leech Lake - Captain Josh Haggemeister wrote; "Crappies hot to trot in all the areas I fish. Ice in central mn is 5 inches. Park rapids area 6-7. Walker. Same. Red lake 9-11. I use a tape measure by the way. Panfish still found on basins. Pike and walleyes on weedlines." Captain Josh, Minnesota Guide Service

image denotes link to fish rapper article (1/5) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "It has been a mild January so far, although it should be expected with the late start to making ice. Compared to last year at this time we had houses 20 miles from Pine Island. We are currently about 1-2 miles North of Pine Island, between 20-24 feet of water. So instead of the 1 hour trip to the houses we are now almost 15 minutes away. 2 consecutive years we have seen both extremes. We are seeing mostly 10 inches of good ice and are planning to pull sleeper houses out in the next few days. We are currently providing all transportation to and from the houses until we get more ice.
The bite has been really good! Many fish have been caught and some really nice big ones. It is great to be back in the swing of things, many great stories being made so far this year. It is also fun to reflect on the great times in the past. Of course someone is generally stuck having to suck it up and take some punishment for fish missed or sleeping in while on last year’s trip. They return this year with great hopes of redeeming themselves with phenomenal catches and more energy than Superman, or Supergirl.
The word is smaller jigs have been doing the best, and right now color does not matter. The morning bite has been much better overall; it seems to last longer than the afternoon bite, which has been more fast and furious but shorter in duration.
The forecast is showing the mild weather to continue. We are asking for colder temps before anymore snow. Currently we are seeing low’s to around 10 and high’s about 24 for the week ahead." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report January 3, 2015 - Northern Minnesota Ice Fishing Report

For ice fishermen, all leading indicators are positive as we enter the first week of the New Year.
Lakes continue to make ice as overnight temperatures linger in the 15 to 20 degree range. Daytime highs in the mid 20's allow anglers to fish in comfort and by most accounts; the fish have been cooperative too.
Travel conditions, while not ideal are good and getting better. Ice thickness now ranges between 8 to 12 inches depending on the lake you visit. Shallow water lakes are providing the best conditions while deeper waters are still lagging behind.
Driving to the hot spot on an ATV or snowmobile has become common, allowing anglers to reach further into fresh territory. Snow cover of 3 to 6 inches has provided just enough insulation to encourage the formation of slushy pockets like the ones we encountered this weekend.
The pockets of slush occurred wherever there had been previous fishing activity and ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 3, 2016

image of Jeff Sundin with big Crappie on Leech Lake

image links to DNR News about fishing regulations

News Release - January 1, 2016 Minnesota DNR announces new special angling regulations For 2016

Following public review that wrapped up this past fall, fishing regulations will change on 17 lakes and one stream starting in March, while existing regulations on five lakes will become permanent, the MN DNR said;
"The changes involve three types of regulations that are specific to individual waters: new regulations that have not yet been in effect; modified regulations that have been in effect but will be changed; and regulations ..." Learn More >> MN DNR Announces New Regulations

image links to ice fishing artice

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - By Nathaniel Myson with Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin

"If you’re an ice-fisherman, you’ve almost certainly debated this question: Sit tight and wait for the fish to come to you or pick up and start drilling holes to go to the fish? Staying put may result in a day spent just out of the fish’s range. Go mobile and you might leave just before the fish arrive.
If this indecision is bugging you, here are a couple guys who know a thing about staying or going, and their advice can help you make better fishing decisions on the ice. Each approach offers advantages and disadvantages, and each situation is ..." Read >> Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

image of Lindy Ice Worm

Pounding For Panfish

Panfish fans have no shortage of lures and jig strokes at their disposal for putting sunfish on ice. While trendy strategies come and go, one of the oldest and most productive combinations relies on a pair of Lindy jigs and a time-tested technique that’s especially deadly when midday ’gills play hard to catch.
The tactic is called “pounding,” and its origins trace to the early days of the Ice Fishing Revolution. Pounding involves imparting a kicking motion to your ... Learn More >> Pounding For Panfish

image of ice conditions on Lake Winnie image denotes link to Pines Resort on Lake Winnie On Lake Winnibigoshish (12/02) John Seekon, The Pines Resort; Dropped in with a view of the ice conditions on Lake Winnie. The photo came prior to Tuesday's snowfall which turned out to be less than predicted. With a warm up on the way, the wet snow will likely melt down before the next cold snap, allowing good access for early season anglers. Contact The Pines Resort for lodging and ice shelter rentals on Lake Winnibigoshish .
image links to fishing article

Cracking Tubes For Better Bass Fishing - David A. Brown (10/27)

Zona’s solution was the technique known as “cracking.” Also called “snapping,” these terms aptly describe the action of sharply jerking a heavy lead-head tube and allowing the bait to drop back and “crack” into the rocks or any other solid structure you’re fishing.
Intrusive, aggressive, distinctly boisterous; cracking gets the fish’s attention and stimulates big-time bites.
“The whole system of cracking a tube is rate of fall and rate of snap,” Zona explained. Accomplishing the right action requires a few key ..." Read >> Cracking Tubes For Better Bass Fishing

image of jeff sundin with walleye caught during cold weather

Fishing The Fall Turnover In Natural Lakes - Jeff Sundin

... "This probably means that for most fishermen, "The Turnover", I mean the absolute scientific event is probably not really what influences fish locations and feeding patterns during the cold water period.
Most of us rarely, if ever see surface temperatures colder than 40 degrees and for me, 50 degree water is enough to produce changes in both location and feeding patterns. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs.
Although there are times when a lake make may actually have completely turned over during our fishing season, it seems more likely to me that ... Read >> Fishing Fall Walleye At Turnover

image links to ice fishing article

4 Tips to Find Your Best Ice Fishing Spots in the Fall - Tim Allard

"Scouting water from a boat in the fall is a good way to learn the best places to catch crappie and walleye at the start of the ice fishing season. Late fall locations for these species are often the same as, or near, where fish will be at first ice. Saving GPS waypoints marking healthy vegetation or fish in the fall eliminates a lot of guesswork of where to go when ice arrives. Fall scouting works for a range of sport fish, but in this story our focus is walleye and crappie tactics. Here are 4 tips on where to look and how to ... " Read >> Scout For Ice Fishing Spots

image denotes link to fish rapper article(10/18) Q&A Steve Sykes Wrote; I was wondering what kind of batteries you use for your trolling motors? I just finished the 3rd season on mine and I think they are starting to lose it, toward the end of the season I noticed they weren’t holding their charge very well. Fishing as much as you do how long to you expect yours to last? Also during the winter months do you leave your batteries in your boat to take them out and store them where it’s warmer? Read Answer >> Trolling Motor Batteries
image denotes link to fish rapper article(10/18) Q&A Bill Dietz Wrote; "I had a crappie question for you. From June up until early October, I've been doing well with the crappies with a 1/16 oz Little Nipper and 1 inch Gulp minnow, but that bite has shut down in the last week. Do crappies switch from Gulp back to live minnows once the water gets cooler? I'm thinking I need to switch to live bait and slip bobbers and slow it down. This worked well in the spring. Any thoughts you have would be great! Read Answer >> Gulp Minnow Compared To Live Bait

Bank Fishing Tips for Nighttime Walleyes in the Fall

Bank fishing at night is a fun and inexpensive way to catch a lot of big walleyes in the fall. You don’t need much tackle to do it, and it’s an easy way to take walleye from both lakes and rivers. All you really need to do is find a shoreline with structure or cover that walleyes like, cast out a minnow bait and slowly reel it in until a walleye bites. If that doesn’t work, move down the shore until you ..." Read Article >> Nighttime Walleyes in the Fall
image of Walleye
image links to DNR news release

DNR begins zebra mussel pilot project treatment

"The Department of Natural Resources is initiating pilot projects aimed at treating recently discovered, small infestations of zebra mussels on Minnesota lakes. The first pilot project is the treatment of Ruth Lake in Crow Wing County. The Ruth Lake infestation was confirmed in July, after a young snorkeler found a single zebra mussel under a rock. Subsequent surveys of the lake revealed ... " Learn More >> Zebra Mussel Project

Learn How To Rig Wacky Worms for More Hookups

The wacky rig is one of the most effective bass catching presentations. It can be rigged weightless, weighted, fished on a drop shot and even a jig head, but single hook rigging remains the most popular. A lot of anglers slide an o-ring onto the center of a stick worm to reduce tearing the plastic or having fish throw the entire worm. This is important, but a single o-ring has the tendency to push the hook flat against the worm, reducing hook ups. Adding two o-rings and crossing them, with the hook slid underneath both, has the effect of keeping the hook in an upright position where it's more likely to hook the fish.
Most anglers use a single o-ring when wacky rigging to reduce loosing and tearing the plastic, but adding second o-ring provides a different advantage - hooking more bass! Watch this video and see how. >> Rig Wacky Worms for More Hookups

image links to fishing article about smallmouth bass

Bank Fishing for River or Stream Smallmouths - Tim Allard

Bank fishing a river is a great way to catch a lot of smallmouth bass and have heaps of fun. Current breaks, rapids, boulders, river bends, grass lines and timber are all smallmouth hangouts on rivers. Reading water to locate these spot’s isn’t enough. A bank angler must know how to present jigs, soft baits, topwaters and spinnerbaits naturally in current to fool ... learn more >> 8 Tips For Catching Stream and River Smallmouth

image links to Crappie fishing video

How to Drop Shot Deep Crappie and Bluegill - Wired2Fish; Video

"Chances are your favorite bass spots are also loaded with panfish. This short video shows how to quickly modify a standard bass drop shot rig to catch crappie and bluegill.
A drop shot can be deadly when panfish are just off bottom. The same finesse drop shot setup used for bass fishing is often highly effective for Crappie and Sunfish." View Video >> Drop Shot Deep Crappie and Bluegill

5 Drop Shot Tips Every Angler Should Know; "Jacob Powroznik was sitting in the pre-dawn darkness of day two at the Plano Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair pulling spinning rods from his rod locker when Justin Lucas, docked next to Powroznik, said, “Jacob, help me hook up this drop shot.”
Most might find it odd that Lucas, one of the world’s best bass anglers who sits back-to-back with Powroznik near the very top of the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings, would ask a fellow pro to help ..." read article >> 5 Drop Shot Tips Every Angler Should Know

image links to article about drop shot fishing for Bass

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report September 9 - Northern Lights Guide Anglers Into Fall Fishing Season

I hope that you had a marvelous Labor Day Weekend! I did, and was especially grateful as it ended with a display of Northern Lights towering over the back yard at my house. Signaling the arrival of fresh, cool air, it was almost as if the Northern Lights were whispering; "get ready, all systems are green for go, fall fishing is about to roll in!"
The fish must have spotted the display too because despite the lake's reluctance to let go of her warm, summertime surface temperatures, Walleyes responded to the strong Northwest wind and went with the flow, in the direction of traditional fall fishing patterns.
When we arrived at the lake, the Surface Temperature was hovering at ... Read >> Fishing Report September 9, 2015

image of Jeff Sundin links to video

image of Jeff Sundin links to Lucky Kid Video New Video August 2015 "I Was A Lucky Kid!" - Jeff Sundin ( FaceBook )

I was a lucky kid; I grew up surrounded by people who loved to fish. Parents, uncles and friends, most everyone I knew were born with soft spots in their hearts for fishing. For me though, my most cherished childhood memories of fishing began with my Grandparents. It was they who instilled in me a passion for the sport.
Hoofing it to local fishing holes with my Grandparents, I learned to love fishing. Not Walleye fishing, not Bass fishing, no, not Muskies; just plain fishing. When we headed for the lake, there weren’t any purists in the neighborhood; we were out to catch what we could catch and they were all good ones. I can still see the image of my .... " View >> Jeff Sundin Lucky Kid Video

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report July 23, 2015 - Wiggle Worms and Walleyes 101

If you've been following these reports for a while, then you already know that one of my favorite mid-summer presentations for Walleye is the jig and night crawler. "Wiggle Worms", a term coined by my friend Larry Lashley, is the perfect description for what the bait looks like when it swims through the water. The swimming action makes the night crawler look alive, this wigging action turns the heads of hungry Walleye, Bass too.
While we were fishing on Wednesday, it dawned on me that it's ... read >> Fishing Report July 23, 2015

image of Lindy Jig tipped with nightcrawler
image of jeff sundin with nice walleye

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report July 22, 2015 - Wiggle Worm Walleyes Back On The Agenda

On Tuesday, we fished near the island on one of my old favorite Walleye lakes. At the landing, surface temperatures hovered at 74 degrees and the clear water allowed me to see weeds in water depths of 13-14 feet. The skies were bright, the air was cool and the seas were calm, I couldn't see any reason to believe that there would be a hot action bite, so I put away the spinners and rigged up 1/16 ounce Lindy jigs and tipped them with night crawlers.
At our first stop, a small mid-lake hump with mixed weeds and rocks, Brett coaxed out 2 fish in the first 5 minutes giving us the impression that we should ... Read >> Fishing Report July 22, 2015

Walleye Fishing Article, Learn How To Drop Shot Big Walleye - Tim Allard

A drop-shot presentation catches big walleyes. Yet, many anglers still haven’t tried it. Simple and versatile, a drop shot is easy to fish and will hook walleye relating to the bottom of lakes, rivers and reservoirs. The rig is a reliable finesse presentation for fussy ‘eyes, but it does more. A big bait on a drop shot appeals to aggressive fish. Spring to fall, walleye can rarely resist the vulnerable appeal of a drop shot whether it’s cast, drifted or fished vertically. Read Article >> How To Drop Shot Big Walleye

image links to article about Walleye fishing

image denotes link to wired 2 fish Smallmouth Bass In Zebra Mussel Infested Waters

Some see Zebra Mussels as a plague on a fishery because it changes how bass behave, but savvy anglers have adapted to the conditions and can put you on a lot of big smallies with these tips
Zebra mussels are found in many smallmouth waterways within the U.S. and Canada. Anglers fishing lakes with established zebra mussel populations typically encounter clear water and ... Read >> Zebra Mussel Smallies

image of Joe Balog holding big Smallmouth
image denotes link to fish rapper article Q&A (6/4) Andy Bice wrote; "Hi Jeff, headed up to the Northland today for my yearly fishing trip with my dad.  We stay in Grand Rapids and usually fish the lakes around town (Poke, Deer, Trout).  Of those 3 lakes, do you think we should target one over another?   Any idea what depth we should target?   since those lakes are clear, i was thinking anywhere from 7-25, depending on how high the sun is, sound about right to you?   Appreciate any help you can provide. Read >> Fishing Grand Rapids Big 3 Clearwater Lakes

A Cast to the Other Bass; Overlooked and underappreciated, white bass are a blast! - By Mitch Eeagan

You’d be hard-pressed to find an avid angler who doesn’t recognize bass as the most sought-after sport fish in North America. We all have our favorite fish, but statistics prove that bass are #1.
Overlooked and underappreciated, however, is a bass of a different color. Its DNA differs from the most popular, yet the species roams a majority of waterways throughout the lands. I’m talkin’ white bass.... And they are a blast to catch. Read About >> Fishing For White Bass, The Other White Meat

image of Mae Edlund Holding Giant White Bass
image of fish tightly schooled on graph "Cleaning Up Your Fish Finders Image" - I've been talking electronics a lot with anglers the last month or so, and I am learning that a lot of fishermen have anxiety when it comes to how to use electronics when fishing. Maybe anxiety is not the right word, but they are just overwhelmed with all the settings, so they end up doing nothing except turning the graphs on and off.
Luckily for anglers, the technology is so good in fishing depth finders and chart plotters today that they work really well out of the box. But they work a whole lot better if you make a few changes to your settings to get a clear picture. Read Story >> CLEAN UP YOUR FISH FINDER'S IMAGE
image of Walleye Release

Resource recycling: It’s important in Walleye fishing, too - Brad Parsons

"Most anglers I know enjoy a cold beverage after a busy day on the water. And whether that beverage comes in plastic, glass or aluminum, they also know the importance of recycling the container to conserve resources.
But “resource recycling” is important while actually fishing, too. With catch-and-release increasingly common, anglers should know the right way to practice it so the fish can swim off and live to grow bigger and be caught another day. That’s especially important on lakes with ... Read Full Story >> Fishing Resource Recycling

Post thaw... It’s unquestionably the most epic time of transformation among the Ice Belt states and provinces. Water temperatures are on the rise, but not nearly as rapidly as the air. Luckily, it only takes a one degree increase in water temp to wake up lethargic walleyes.
So why do some anglers motor back to the launch with a livewell full of fish while others return empty netted? Oftentimes, it boils down to trolling speed; using lures that can achieve peak performance at low speeds; and holding those baits in a relatively shallow strike zone.
Few on God’s green earth are more adept at trolling for ... Read >> Slow Trolling For Early Spring Walleye

image of Mark Brumbaugh trolling for Walleye

image denotes question from reader Fishing For Bluegills At Spawning Time? - Terry Nordstrom asks; Q) "Jeff: planning a trip to Cutfoot or Bowstring to try and catch Bluegills when on their beds. Estimated dates for me to plan that trip?? Coming from Wisconsin, Was thinking first weekend in June, Thanks Terry.
A) Well Terry, that question puts me in a tough ... read answer >> Bluegills At Spawning Time

image of Walleyes in trap nets at Cutfoot Sioux Egg Harvest

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report April 17, 2015 - Walleye Spawning Run At Cutffot Sioux

Imagine waking up for your morning coffee with a couple of thousand Walleyes staring you in the face; we should all be so lucky! For some of the DNR Fisheries Staff, that scene is a reality for a week or so each spring.
Walleyes everywhere begin answering their urge to spawn shortly after ice out, when the water temperatures begin rising into the low-mid 40 degree range. Guided by instinct, they move toward a variety of spawning areas, on a variety of lakes, in this case ... Read >> Cutfoot Sioux Walleye Egg Harvest

image of Jason Halfen and young angler with slab crappies

Catch More Cold-Water Crappies this Spring? In This article, Dr. Jason Halfen writes;

"During the weeks after ice cover leaves the lake (or water temperatures begin to rebound from wintertime lows), crappies are on the move with shallow water as their ultimate destination. This is a movement that will eventually lead to spawning, but reproduction is not driving this initial transition; feeding is!"
Many anglers will impulsively head to the shorelines and back ends of soft-bottomed bays as soon as surface temperatures begin to increase. While some panfish may be found in these waters, the vast majority of the population, and nearly all of the quality fish, are most likely to ... Read >> How You Can Catch More Cold-Water Crappies this Spring .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report April 14, 2015 - Watching The Watchable Cutfoot Sioux Walleye Egg Harvest?

"Curious to see if my suspicions were right, I drove up to the bridge at Little Cutfoot Sioux on Monday to see if DNR fisheries staff had assembled the infrastructure for the Walleye egg harvest. Sure enough, there it was, headquarters central was all set up and almost ready for prime time. The nets will probably be set sometime today at the Walleye Egg Harvest Station. The first wave of spawning Walleyes may even arrive during the wee hours tonight; maybe we'll be looking at some fresh photos of the operation by Thursday morning. Folks interested in a casual peak at the operation can see the setup from the Hwy 46 Bridge located 17 miles NW of Deer River. But if you want to get in for a closer look, follow the road in from ... >> Cutfoot Walleye Egg Harvest .

image of the Cutfoot Sioux Walleye Egg Harvest Station
The Cutfoot Sioux Walleye Egg Harvest Station is set up and almost ready for prime time. Nets today, fish tomorrow, probably.

Where Have All The Sunfish Gone? Picking back up on yesterday's subject about the disappearing Sunfish, a note from Jesse Aultman on Thursday reads; "It's pretty likely the sunnies are just as abundant as ever, but I just didn't happen upon the school(s) of them".
Okay Jesse now that you've ruled in favor of the fish still being available, I'm gonna have to make a few assumptions about where I'd look for them. Remember, I still have the blindfold on, so I'm giving you my best guesses, based on general knowledge about the fish, not about the lake.
One key factor in tracking Sunfish location is to ... read full answer >> Where Have All The Sunfish Gone?

image of Sunfish

image denotes field report from a fishrapper reader (3/1) Lake Mille Lacs has been under the microscope, literally. Among the results of surveys, exams and studies, there appears to be a hopeful outlook for a strong 2013 Walleye year class. Don't get your Li'l Guys baited up just yet, but a strong Walleye year class on the big lake could be be just what the doctor ordered.
In the newsletter Hooked On MilleLacs Lake, the Aitkin MN, DNR Fisheries Manager Rick Bruesewitz says; "Expectations for this 2013 year class of walleye are running pretty high, but I want to caution everyone that this does not mean we are out of the woods quite yet. It takes time for this new year class to contribute to the spawning stock. The timing for that event starts a year from this coming spring with some males first reaching maturity. Then by 2017, nearly all males will be mature. However, for females, first maturity is ... read more >> Lake Mille Lacs Walleye .

(2/22) Truck Driver Cited, Fined For Transporting Zebra Mussels - I was really reluctant to share the link to this story with you because I'm afraid that it could be mistaken as a form of finger pointing; believe me it is not. But I think it’s important to talk about this because it points out what an uphill battle we have when it comes to slowing the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. What we have on our hands is a war against ... Read More >> Fined For Transporting Zebra Messels


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