Walleye Fishing Photos, Customer Fishing Pictures From The 2005 Minnesota Fishing Season

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Jeff Sundin Minnesota Fishing Reports and Articles Section

Customer Fishing Pictures From Guided Fishing Trips In the Deer River and Grand Rapids Area During The 2005 Minnesota Fishing Season.

2005 Customer fishing pictures and interesting outdoor photo highlights. Click on images to see full size pictures or use your cursor to hover on the fishing photo to view the names and dates.

Dave English with 28 inch Walleye caught 10-17-05 Walleye Fishing Pro Jeff Sundin with a 28 inch Walleye 10-17-05  Minnesota Walleye Guide Jeff Sundin with another great fall Walleye 10-17-05 David English 10-17-05 with 23.5 inch Walleye Bob Carlson Walleye at Noon 10-15-05 Bob Carlson Walleye at 2:00 PM 10-15-05 Bob Carlson 10-15-05 Walleye at 6:30 PM  Walleye Jeff Sundin 10-15-05

Mike Carlson Walleye 10-15-05 Pete Raquet Crappie 10-08-05 Northern Pike 10-06-05 David Chrz Walleye 10-06-05 David Chrz Smallmouth Bass double header 10-06-05 Bud Freeman and Jeff Sundin Walleye Double Header 10-06-05 David Chrz and Jeff Sundin Smallmouth 10-03-05 Bud Freeman Walleyes 10-03-05 Eldon Skoglund and Bud Freeman     

Walleye 9-27-05 Kyle Reynolds Walleye 9-27-05 Karen Valenta Walleye 9-24-05 Mike Carlson Bob Carlson Walleye 9-24-05         


9-22-05 Walleye Jeff Sundin

9-18-05 Northern Pike Jeff Sundin

9-18-05 Walleye Jeff Sundin

9-16-05 Walleye Jeff Sundin

9-16-05 Walleye Chuck Hanson

9-15-05 Buck Deer Swimming

9-15-05 Bluegill Sharon Karels

9-15-05 Bluegill Vivian

9-8-05 Northern Mike Wirtz

8-24-05 Jill (Tom Magni)

8-21-05 Walleye Cam Sundin

8-13-05 Northern Lindsay Fischbach

8-13-05 Walleye Dan Fischbach

8-11-05 Bass Doug & Amanda Murdock

8-11-05 Bass Keith Murdock

7-21-05 Bass David & Bill (McQuay Group)

7-21-05 Northern David (McQuay Group)

7-21-05 Walleye Bill Spencer (McQuay)

7-21-05 Bass Bill Spencer (McQuay)

7-19-05 Bass Kristin Hastings

7-12-05 Walleye Larry Lashley

7-12-05 Bass Larry & Patrick Lashely

7-12-05 Bass "Cooley"

7-12-05 Bass Patrick Lashley

6-27-05 Smallmouth Vince Willaredt

6-27-05 Smallmouth Alan Willaredt

6-26-05 Walleyes Willaredt Family

Lady Slipper Flowering

6-22-05 Northern Tom Cobb

6-22-05 Northern Pike Jeff Sundin

6-19-05 Walleye Lamar Courrier

6-17-05 Walleye John

6-1-05 Crappie Bruce Champion 1

6-1-05 Northern Bruce Champion 1

6-1-05 Crappie Bruce Champion 2

5/29/05 Walleye Marlene Swang

5-28-05 Walleye Jake Macken

5-28-05 Walleye Tom Macken

5-21-05 Wallye Collin

5-20-05 Walleye Tony Noak 1

5-20-05 Walleye Tony Noak 2



Real fishing pictures from actual guided fishing trips listed by customer name and fishing trip dates. To view your own photos, click on the date of your trip or Just send an e-mail to request the photo file. Please ask for permission before re-printing. Copyright©2001-2007 Jeff-Sundin

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