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image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 13, 2017 Ice Conditions Report - "Tracking the Trackable"

image of ice shelters on Bowstring Lake On tour this Tuesday, I headed west from La Prairie and drove the loop around Deer River’s “Northwest Territory”. Making stops at Cutfoot, Little Cutfoot, Bowstring, Jessie and Sand Lake, I found folks ice fishing on all of them. Traffic on Bowstring was the most robust, I only viewed one angler on Sand and the rest were “in-between”.

Small groups of fishing shelters were scattered around the north and west sides of Bowstring. I didn’t make the detour into the south landing, but Lynne Powell at Fred’s Bait had already given me a heads up that there have been folks fishing down there too. I assume that small groups of fishermen are using that landing as well.

There is a visible pressure ridge in the northwest corner and it appears to separate traffic. If you come out of Trails End Resort, you’d be forced to fish on the northeast side of the crack. Head onto the lake from the northwest landing and you will need to stay closer to the west/southwest shoreline.

ATV’s were moving freely and most of them were towing portable, flip-up shelters. There were a couple of 4 wheelers parked near permanent shelters, but so far, there are no large groups of big shelters out there. A friend who lives near Bowstring reported spotting a pickup truck on the ice over the weekend. I can’t verify that and I wouldn’t endorse you driving your truck out there either. But it does suggest that folks are gaining confidence about ice conditions on the big lake.

Fishing reports are still hard to come by, but the few I’ve received from Bowstring have been good. Both Crappies and Perch were cooperative over the weekend, Walleyes haven’t been mentioned yet.

image of ice shelter on bowstring lake There had obviously been folks fishing on both Cutfoot and Little Cutfoot Sioux. By Tuesday, most of the evidence was provided by holes, previously drilled in the ice. So far, foot traffic has been the most popular on either of those two lakes. That means that most of the anglers have not ventured onto the lakes mid-section. Big Cutfoot is one of the lakes that re-opened after the initial early freeze up.  It’s a 100% certainty that ice thickness over the mid-section is not equal to that of the ice around the shoreline. ATV’s could be used around the edges of the lake, but it’s questionable whether or not the deeper mid-section has enough ice to support ATV’s.

On Jessie Lake, spearing shelters placed along the lakes first drop off make up most of the angling pressure. There isn’t any widespread travel around the main lake so far. Snow cover is minimal out there, so an angler could easily travel the shoreline by ATV to get close to a good fishing spot. Park the ATV once you’re in range and then hoof it to the “honey hole”.

The ice on Sand Lake is very thin and the only angler that I saw out there traveled on foot. I’d be surprised if the ice was more than 5 or 6 inches and I would not attempt to use a vehicle of any type for a week at least, maybe longer if we get much more snow.

After I left the Deer River area, I headed home via the Deer/Moose Lake Road (County Road 19). As I drove between Moose and Deer Lakes, I noted that both are completely frozen now. Deer Lake had a couple of small, wet looking cracks lying under the shallow snow and there was no visible traffic of any kind.

Moose Lake sported ice that looked better, there were no visible wet spots in the snow and there was a single angler who had driven a side-by-side to his/her fishing spot. Other than that single portable shelter, it looked pretty lonely out there.

By the time I turned south on County Road 62 toward Cohasset, the sky was getting dark. There wasn’t a lot of visibility as I passed the east side of Bass Lake. There were a few shelters out there, but they were spread out along the breakline. Since there’s no vehicle access over there, I’m sure that the anglers who are fishing on that side of the lake are hoofing it from Co. Rd. 62. I did not see any sign of folks travelling by ATV and there wasn’t any movement heading westward.
Snow, about another half inch of it, fell during the evening and overnight. Between what we have already and what’s predicted to fall this week, I think it will be just deep enough to travel by snowmobile to selected areas this weekend.

Conditions are changing fast and we are on the verge of having a lot of options. I’ll keep the reports coming, but I can use all of the help I can get. So if you’re feeling generous, shoot me a few sentences and maybe a photo of the ice in your area; I’ll add ‘em to the daily reports. fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish Decedmber, 2017 "How to Get Clearer Images on Your Fish Finder Screen Shots" Jason Sealock

image of depth finder screen "If you wonder how you get such detailed fishing screen shots on new fish finders and side and down imaging technologies.
I’ve been sharing some of my fishing screenshots from my Lowrance HDS Carbon units recently on the Wired2fish Instagram page, and I’ve had a lot of messages from people wanting to know how I get such clear shots and how my screenshots show fish that actually look like fish. The answer is two fold.
So I’m creating two separate articles. This one will cover the process I actually take to get the image while on the water. Then I’m also writing a piece on how to ..." Learn More >> How To Get Clearer Screen Shot Images

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 12, 2017

image of ice shelters On one hand, I was hoping for a little more snow so we could start using snowmobiles soon. On the other hand, I was hoping that we didn’t get too much snow because I want the ice to get thicker faster.

Mother Nature must like the story about the three bears, because the snowfall she delivered on Monday morning was “just right”.

In La Prairie, there’s about 2 inches of snow covering my yard. South of Grand Rapids, some of the snow on the lake was blown off by strong wind, but most of it stayed on the ice. While the snow depth is not ideal for travel by snowmobile, there should be enough to give the skis a little grip so we won’t be twirling in circles on glare ice. Getting around on the ice without cleats on our feet will be a lot easier too and that’s nice.

Portable fishing shelters towed by ATV’s still make up the lion’s share of traffic on Grand Rapids area lakes. Larger shelters, mainly spearing shelters have popped up too, but anglers with heavy shelters and wheel houses are still driving further north to use them.

A rescue mission on St. Mary’s Lake near Eveleth serves as another reminder that the ice thicknesses are not uniform. Monday’s story had a happy ending because the anglers, 39-year-old Paul Ollila and 36-year-old Travis McDonald are both still alive. Still, they spent a half hour or more in the frigid water and the hospital treatment for hypothermia could not have been much fun and I’ll bet they won’t be in any big hurry to get back on the ice. View Video >> Men Rescued After Falling Through Ice

So the takeaway from today’s report ought to be that conditions are improving fast. But extreme caution is still required, no two lakes are the same and even “good looking ice” can suddenly give way to thin, unsafe ice.

I’ll be out and about today, maybe even fishing a little; we’ll see how it looks. Either way, I’ll let you know what I discover, it’s getting more interesting by the day. fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 11, 2017 "Managing The Manageable"

Managing to bag a management Deer wasn’t too manageable this weekend. But I can’t say that I was disappointed by the closing hunt of the Muzzleloader Deer Season. I did come close to filling the freezer, seeing Deer on Saturday and again on Sunday.

If I’d been a little bit closer to any target, I may have pulled the trigger. But when it comes to taking shots in thick cover with my muzzle loader, I’m a “scaredy cat”. I don’t mind the idea of missing the shot cleanly; I just don’t like the idea of wounding a Deer that can’t be recovered. Besides, the image of those 4 does slipping past me in a single file line will be a nice memory this winter.

I’ve said for a long time that does are safe from me and management aside; I like the idea that I gave them a pass better than the idea of sautéing them with onions. No matter, the season is over and the point is moot.

So here we are, nothing left to talk about except ice fishing and luckily the timing for that is good.
Our current ice conditions are good for walking and in some cases not bad for ATV’s either. Weather forecasts of single digit lows will complement the formation of more ice, adding a cushion of safety.

There’s snow falling right now and has accumulated about 2 inches so far. There is a blustery wind on the way, and that will force some drifting, but I don’t think enough to cause major trouble. Besides, sweeping the snow off of the ice will further help the formation of more ice.

Walleye fishing reports from Red Lake and Lake of the woods have been favorable. But Panfishing reports have not been that great so far, especially reports from the Grand Rapids area. I feel that there’s a change coming though, I’ll bet that this week will be the turning point for things to start getting hectic.

fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge December 11, 2017

"We are getting close! We currently plan to open on Wednesday the 13th. Reports have been great for those with snowmobiles and portables. We are expecting a great season!

There is still some time to take advantage of our special. Christmas comes early! We are giving $100 off the regular package price for any reservation booked to arrive on Wednesday, December 20th or Thursday, December 21st." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

Lindy Fish ED "Getting Portable When Using Rental Ice Fishing Shelters"

image links to fish ed video


"Rental Sleepers and personal warehouses are growing in popularity. That's thanks to the elbow room and comfort they off anglers of all ages and physical abilities.

Join Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin on Minnesota's Upper Red Lake as they show how mixing mobile tactics with a permanent base camp will help you catch more Walleyes on every trip." View Video >> Get Portable When Using Rental Shelters

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Sportsman's Lodge December 8, 2017

"The guides went out and checked conditions today in the areas we fish and travel. They found 7-9 inches on Four Mile Bay and 8-11 inches on the lake where we fish. However, they did find some areas with less than that on the lake especially to the west.

We have anywhere from ½ to 4 inches of snow on the lake and 1-7 inches on the bays.

That being said we are going to wait for a few more days until we can build a few more inches before we start.

Our first day in our day houses will be Sunday, Dec 10. Our sleepers are hoping to start the 14th and Oak Island location in a few weeks.

If you are looking to go out on your own, we strongly encourage you to check with local resorts and bait shops who maintain public roads before heading out. It is a huge lake and the ice never freezes equally." Sportsman's Lodges 800-862-8602

image denotes link to fish rapper article Marcell Area - Edge of the Wilderness, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson December 8, 2017

"Anglers in the Edge of the Wilderness area have been anxiously awaiting conditions that would force the big lakes to freeze over. The smaller lakes have had ice for a week or two, while the larger lakes have remained open. We've had reports of ice thicknesses up to 9 inches or more on the smaller lakes.

Ice anglers who have been out fishing have done well with Crappie and Pike.

Several of the large deep lakes that were frozen last week opened back up on Monday, the result of the rain and ice pellets that were a part of the storm that roared through the area. As of last night, many of these larger lakes have finally frozen over.

With the cold temperatures forecast for the rest of the week and into the foreseeable future, we should be making ice quickly. Be safe out there!"
Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 218-832-3901

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Bowstring Lake, Northern Acres Resort December 8, 2017

"Last I measured (3 days ago) we had a good 7". WHERE I MEASURED! I've seen people heading toward Cow Bay, but I wouldn't go that far yet.But no one has drowned on our lake yet.

The ice has been the noisiest I have ever heard. I don't know if that affects fishing? I haven't heard any great stories yet. Ice looks to be in good shape. Big pressure ridge developing already. Very little snow cover. HIGH WINDS!" - David Wanner, Northern Acres Resort, 218-659-2845

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake Winnibigoshish and Cutfoot Sioux, Eagle Nest Lodge December 7, 2017

"We had 4" of good ice in front last weekend...but it got bad in a hurry. The gap was open on Saturday and the ice was off the shore by Sunday. Under the Hwy 46 bridge is open water today. This weather is making ice, the gap is frozen again and ice is to shore, but we have a ways to go. Only about an inch of snow on the ground and pretty much nothing on the ice, so we should have a good week.
We have spearing guests coming on Sunday. We'll have a better idea about ice conditions then." Bryan Harris, Eagle Nest Lodge 218-246-8701

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake Winnibigoshish and Cutfoot Sioux, The Pines Resort December 7, 2017

"Parts of lake Winnie have been iced over since the 10th of November, but we have seen very little activity so far. With the present cold weather we will see more activity by next weekend." John Seekon, The Pines Resort 218-246-8546

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake Winnibigoshish and Cutfoot Sioux, Cutfoot Sioux Inn December 7, 2017

"In front of the resort the water is open but know it will settle with this cold once the wind calms down.
By the summer homes landing there’s several inches of ice and access is being used. Our boys walked out and found a few crappies & perch. We will be doing more this weekend and will have an update for sure." Amy Perrington, Cutfoot Sioux Inn 218-246-8706

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Lake Winnibigoshish Dixon Lake Resort Decxember 7, 2017

"We put houses out on November 22nd on 5 inches. We do have all our houses out in 3 diferenet locations. Yes with this warm and cold and warm and cold it was a bit off. But really didn't get touchy till this past Sunday and Monday when it didn't refreeze for 3 days. But Mondays storm sealed it all back up and we are now sitting pretty good.

There are 10 inches of ice with little snow on it. Driving 4 wheeler's and side by sides out. Fishing and spearing. Last weekend everybody did pretty good in all locations, but sounds like yesterday it was better out front. Biggest northern speared so far was a 12lber, have had plenty of 9s, 8, and some good eaters. Pan fish are being finicky so not as many of those caught but seeing plenty. The road is open and in good shape." - Dixon Lake Resort has shelter rentals, including sleepers. Reservations 218-659-4612

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Update December 7, 2017

I know that I’m behind the curve; there are lots of folks already finding places to ice fish and I haven’t even wet a line yet; that’s okay.

With the St. Paul ice fishing show behind me, the first ice fishing trip of the winter isn’t far off. But before I can get serious about the ice season, I’ve gotta take one last stab at deer hunting.

It had been a few years since I did any hunting at all and bagging that spike buck this fall definitely helped renew my enthusiasm. Besides, sometimes the Hippie Chick reminds me that one deer didn’t really fill the freezer very well. A second one would go a long way toward putting a smile on that girl’s face and who I am to deny her happiness, right?

In the meantime, I’ve been checking with friends and it appears that we are on the verge of seeing decent ice beginning to take hold on the larger lakes. So far, there isn’t a “big lake” that has widespread traffic, but there are encouraging reports coming in from Leech, Winnie and Cass Lakes.

I’ll be out and about today, checking ice conditions in the Grand Rapids Area. If you’re near any one of the popular ice fishing lakes, I’d love to hear from you with an update. fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Big Rock Resort December 7, 2017

"We have about 4 inches in front of the resort here(we’re in the south end of horseshoe bay on the main body) and it looks like the ice heave that always shows up is already showing, too. I’ve seen some people out fishing, but haven’t heard much if they are biting." Ray Phillippi, Big Rock Resort 800-827-7106

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Oak Point Resort December 7, 2017

"Just checked today on Steam Boat bay, Leech Lake. We came up with between 9-11" of good ice all the way to the middle of the bay. Walker bay was still open as of this morning. Our 1st customers arrive Thurs for spear fishing." Lee Nupson, Oak Point Resort 218-335-2993

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Shores of Leech Lake December 7, 2017

"On calm nights, Walker Bay has skimmed over with ice. It would like to freeze over. But, the past few days have been so windy, it is open now. First calm night the Bay will likely freeze over and stay frozen.
Don't have much information about the big lake so far." Mitch & Mara Loomis, Shores of Leech Lake 218-547-1819

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism December 6, 2017

"The wait may be over soon for cold temperatures to create more ice. Varying ice conditions to report currently. Water clarity appears good. Resorts are out measuring ice thickness and assessing ice conditions where they can and will continue to do so all week. Safety is #1. Back bays are frozen over with 4 to 10 inches in many areas. Some pike action in back bays thus far. The Rainy River has a skim of ice across it with only a few open areas left. Water temperature remains 32.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

On an average year, resort fish houses get out on the main lake mid December and stay on the ice through March 31st, but Mother Nature has the final say so. ATV's and collapsible fish houses will get out a bit earlier based on when resorts who maintain ice roads feel it is safe. When resorts open ice roads, stay on marked trails and don't deviate for safety. Walleyes and saugers are staged up nicely along south shore and in the NW Angle. Walleye and sauger populations are strong.

NW Angle is frozen in most areas with some local ATV travel on designated marked trails. Ice shaping up nicely. Resorts are checking ice conditions, marking trails, and gearing up for placing houses very soon. Follow daily reports at Lake of the Woods Tourism Facebook page and local resort pages."  – Lake of the Woods Tourism, (800) 382-FISH

Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle December 5, 2017 "How to use the Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Spoon For Walleye"

image links to walleye fishing video

The Rattlin' Flyer Spoon is one of the most reliable and consistent Walleye lures on the ice for many years. It's helped a lot of anglers put more Walleyes on the ice, including veteran fishing guide Jeff Sundin.

Join Jeff as he shows you how to use the Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Spoon to put more Walleyes on the ice this season. View Video >> Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Soon For More Walleye

image links to fishrapper home page December 5, 2017 - Ice Fishing Lines; Which One Is Best?

image of ice fishing line assortment James Friedrichs Wrote; Jeff, I’m preparing to re-spool my ice fishing reels and I’ve been looking for advice about which line to use. I have 3 friends who are avid ice fishermen, all 3 are successful, all 3 use different lines and all 3 have offered different advice.

What do you think is the best way to rig up for Walleye, mono, fluorocarbon or braid? Also, do you suggest using leaders or swivels, how do you rig up your ice gear?

James, your question is timely because I happen to be asking many of the same questions. Supplies of my “go to” fishing line (more about that later) recently became unavailable and when I started searching for a replacement, I too was bombarded by an array of advisors whose advice left me with more questions than answers.

The confusion in part is because choosing a fishing line is subjective, what works for one, can be a nightmare for another. So understand that my answers are based on the fishing scenarios I encounter most often. In the end, your fishing situation(s) may lead you to conclusions that differ from mine.

In the interest of giving you the most balanced answer, I fired up the buffing machine, polished up my Cub Reporter, staff #003 Research and & Development badge and started walking the show floor at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show. I surveyed fishing pros, retailers and experienced anglers and while opinions varied, there are some common beliefs.

Braided lines should be reserved for situations where low stretch is critically important; that was the common opinion of most of the pros I talked with.

Braided “super lines” do have a place in ice fishing, they do not stretch and that affords a greater level of sensitivity. Super sensitivity is what most folks like best about them, but no-stretch line isn’t always necessary.  

Sometimes stretch is good, especially for walleye fishing. The extra sensitive braided lines can cause anglers to be “jumpy”. Over reacting to strikes can lead to missed hook sets. Besides, most of today’s ice fishing rods are more than sensitive enough to transmit the sensation of a strike, even with inexpensive line.

For applications like Lake Trout fishing or situations that force you to fish in very deep water, braids make sense. But for ice fishing, the disadvantages of braids are hard to overlook.

They retain more water than conventional fishing lines and are prone to freezing up when we fish outside of our ice shelters.

Windy conditions cause trouble too, untangling mono with cold fingers is bad enough, but when super lines get tangled, they are even trickier to unwrap.

For me, those nasty little cuts that they leave on my fingers is reason enough to avoid the braided line offerings especially during the numb fingers season.

If you really need it, use it, but most of the pros I interviewed don’t believe that they “need” it.

When asked about Fluorocarbon lines, the debate got more interesting. Some of the pros are really into it, but some of them are not.  Some admitted being influenced by experiences with early offerings and reserved opinions because they haven’t tried newer, improved versions.

Minimally, there was universal agreement that fluorocarbon is the real deal for making leaders. It is ultra-clear and super abrasion resistant, making it perfect for tying leaders. To a person; they all agreed that fluorocarbon is a must have item for tying leaders.

Fluorocarbon, in the early days, tended not to be very supple and was known for coiling up on the reel. Sometimes the line came rolling wildly off of the reel, forcing long untangling sessions.

Newer versions have addressed some of the issues, manufacturers say. Some anglers said that it’s great when it’s new but doesn’t last as long on their reels as monofilament does.

So for me, the jury is out, but I will give fluorocarbon a try this winter and so I can sort out which ones I like and which ones I don’t.

Monofilament line still offers a reasonable balance between being strong and supple.  

For most of us, any one of the “softer” fishing lines offered by manufacturers would likely be just fine. Avid anglers agreed; they avoid buying the “extra tough” versions because they are produced to offer better abrasion resistance, but at the cost of being nimble.

image of ice lineCopolymer fishing line is what I’ve been using over the past several years. The problem is that my favorite one disappeared from store shelves because it’s gone out of production.  

The disappointment of losing my favorite “go to” line is one reason I spent extra time researching this question; I had to find a new line for myself anyway.

Copolymer doesn’t absorb water like monofilament does and that helps reduce freezing up. I like to fish outside so for me, reducing freeze ups is a major advantage. The copolymer line I used didn’t have a lot of “memory” either; I liked not having to worry about my line getting coiled up.

My search for an alternative line at the ice show led me to Dale Black, who along with his wife Heidi acquired the fishing division of Gamma Technologies in November 2010.  I’ve watched Dale over the past few years as he tirelessly carts his wares from one outdoor show to another. Black was the only manufacturer who thought showing up for this show was important, so by default he became the world’s foremost authority on fishing line at this venue.

He walked me through his entire line of products and explained the features and benefits of each of them. His sentiments echoed those of some other anglers I’d interviewed; use braided lines for deep water, fluorocarbon for ultra-clear water, monofilament for a good all-around balance and copolymer for cold weather.

Luckily for me, the Gamma lineup does include a copolymer “ice line” and he had enough of it on hand so that I could buy enough to set up a few spools. I picked up some 2 and 3 pound test for panfish along with some 6 pound test for walleyes.

I guess you could say that this is sort of a blind endorsement. Maybe it’s because his presentation was flawless or maybe just because I’ve seen him working so darn hard at these sports shows, but either way I have a feeling Black steered me in the right direction.

Now for the tricky part, the Gamma ice line might not be real easy to find at the “big box stores”. But he does have it on hand and if you want to follow along with me for this little experiment, you definitely can get it. It won't be too expensive either, at $4.95 per spool, it will be easy to take it for a test drive. The easiest way to order is by following this link to >> Order Gamma Ice Fishing Line. To learn more about the product technolgy, try this link to >> Learn More

It looks like we’ll be on the ice soon, so it won’t take forever to work up an update after I’ve tested it. Whatever I learn, you will definitely be the first to know. fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 2, 2017 "St. Paul Ice Fishing Show Today"

The St. Paul Ice Show began yesterday, and I think it's safe to say that you can easily live your "ice fishing life" vicariously through the images and stories about ice fishing that you'll see here.
I've been sneaking around, making my list of "must haves, gotta gets and wish I hads. Why don't you stop by and compare notes about the new and improved that needs to wind up in your shopping cart for the 2018 ice season?
The regular public show hours today, December 2nd are 10am to 7pm. But if you’re anxious to get in on the hot deals early, you can buy VIP TICKETS at the door and get in two hours early. That's right, you can walk in and start filling your tackle boxes at 8:00 AM!
As usual, I’ll be working in the Lindy Booth and we’d love to have you stop in for a chat. Click here to learn more >> St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

Lindy Fish ED "Getting Portable When Using Rental Ice Fishing Shelters" December 1, 2017 image links to fish ed video

"Rental Sleepers and personal warehouses are growing in popularity. That's thanks to the elbow room and comfort they off anglers of all ages and physical abilities.

Join Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin on Minnesota's Upper Red Lake as they show how mixing mobile tactics with a permanent base camp will help you catch more Walleyes on every trip." View Video >> Get Portable When Using Rental Shelters


image links to article about Barotrauma What is barotrauma? Simply stated barotrauma is “injury caused to the body by changing air or water pressure.” In humans we know this as “The Bends”- a dangerous condition that divers experience when they come up too fast from deep water. Believe it or not, something similar happens in fish.
For example: When an angler angles walleye at the bottom of the lake, those walleye are experiencing a certain amount of pressure (air & water). When the angler yanks them up to the surface, that pressure is drastically reduced. This means that their gas filled cavities rapidly expand. This is particularly a problem for fish due to the presence of their ..." Read >> BAROTRAUMA AWARENESS