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Jeff Sundin began his career as a fishing guide in 1981 while living in the western Minneapolis Suburb of Long Lake, Minnesota. Fishing primarily on Metropolitan area lakes like Minnetonka, St. Croix River, Mississippi River and many of lakes West of the Metro Region. Fishing for Walleye, Bass and Panfish on the crowded and heavily fished Metro Lakes was a perfect way to learn the fine points of catching finicky fish.
In November 1983 Jeff and Jane discovered North Star Lake in Northern Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest and fell in love with the area. Returning in May 1984 on their honeymoon, Jeff made arrangements with Cedar Point Resort to begin guiding on North Star Lake. The couple made frequent trips back to the area and it didn’t take long to build up a desire to go full time into guiding as a career. In 1985, they bought a house in Deer River, quit their jobs, left the city and started to build a new life. After 20 years as a professional guide, Jeff loves the job more than ever and has built a track record of success and achievement.

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